Mauricio Pochettino behaved like a yob, says Ian Ladyman

Mauricio Pochettino behaved like a ‘yob’ when he stormed onto the pitch after Chelsea’s 4-4 draw with Man City and the TV cameras MISSED the worst of his behaviour, says Ian Ladyman on It’s All Kicking Off

  • Mauricio Pochettino unleashed a furious tirade at officials on Sunday afternoon 
  • It came following Chelsea’s thrilling 4-4 draw against Manchester City  
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Ian Ladyman believes Mauricio Pochettino ‘behaved like a yob’ following his furious tirade at the officials after Chelsea’s 4-4 draw with Man City at Stamford Bridge on Sunday afternoon. 

The Argentine manager charged onto the field at full-time to lambast referee Anthony Taylor while venting his fury at fourth official Craig Pawson. Pochettino was subsequently issued a yellow card, his second of the season.

Chelsea boss Pochettino was incensed Taylor blew the whistle as the Blues looked to mount a counter-attack after Cole Palmer had scored a 95th-minute equaliser to make it 4-4.

The 51-year-old quickly admitted that he had ‘crossed the limit’ but Ladyman told Chris Sutton on Mail Sport’s podcast It’s All Kicking Off he felt Pochettino had ‘behaved like a bloke who’s just been told he can’t come into a nightclub.’

‘Mauricio Pochettino, let’s put this into some context in terms of what the type of guy that we think Mauricio is,’ Ladyman said. 

Mauricio Pochettino will not be punished further by the FA after his furious tirade at officials

A furious Pochettino had to be held back as he tried to vent his anger at the officials on Sunday

Mail Sport’s Ian Ladyman believes Pochettino acted like a ‘yob’ at the end of Chelsea’s 4-4 draw to Man City

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‘My dealings with him, like everyone else on my side, the fence, have always found him a really, really down to earth, grounded, good guy. I think he cares about people, think he cares about his players, think he cares about football. 

‘The way he [Pochettino] behaved at full time yesterday was off the scale bad.’ 

Television cameras showed the manager approach Taylor on the field before he reached to his pocket to issue the Argentine a booking. 

‘What the TV cameras I think didn’t pick up from what I’ve seen is what I saw from the press box,’ Ladyman continued.

‘As soon as the whistle went, Pochettino turns and he’s literally within two feet or foot and a half of the fourth official. In his face, arms out, screaming in the fourth official’s face. 

‘I don’t know what he was screaming, I don’t care. For about 15 seconds, and Craig Pawson, I think the fourth official, had to stand there and take it.

‘Pochettino behaved like a yob. He behaved like a bloke who’s just been told he can’t come into a nightclub at midnight, see it on a Friday night. I haven’t seen much like that.’

Chelsea went a goal down in the first half with Erling Haaland scoring from the penalty spot after he was dragged down by Marc Cucurella. Thiago Silva and Raheem Sterling put the Blues ahead before Manuel Akanji and Haaland scored either side of half-time. 

Nicolas Jackson netted his fourth goal in his last two league games to make it 3-3, before Rodri’s deflected effort from range moved City back in front in the 86th minute.

Mail Sport has since learned that Pochettino will avoid any further punishment from the Football Association for his outburst, after Taylor had dealt with the incident on the field. 

The yellow card was his second of the season, and should he receive a third, he will receive a one-game touchline ban.  

‘I don’t wanna single him out as being some kind of great bad guy for this, he’s apologised. I think that showed some decency,’ Ladyman added. 

‘He’s not the only one, they all do it. But it’s indicative of the way this game is going that he thinks or managers think that they can behave like that and think it’s normal and get away with it. 

‘What does that say about the culture, about the environment of the modern Premier League, Chris? It’s really not on.

‘That’s one of the worst I’ve ever seen.’ 

Pochettino was shown a yellow card by referee Anthony Taylor for his outburst 

Chris Sutton (right) agreed with Ladyman, stating that further sanctions should be imposed on managers for similar outbursts

Sutton echoed his comments, claiming Pochettino’s actions will have an impact on referees officiating at grassroots levels of the game. 

He also claimed that there needs to be greater sanctions for Premier League managers behaving in such a manner towards officials.  

‘I think this season has seemed worse than ever in terms of Premier League managers attacking referees, there’s a lot of issues with VAR,’ Sutton added.

‘A lot of decisions have been questionable this season, but the reaction of Premier League managers has been over the top.

‘I think the biggest thing is this, is further down the chain, their actions, a Pochettino screaming in a fourth official’s face, that will have consequences to grassroots.

‘Referees because people will think it’s the norm if Pochettino is a good guy if he can do that That’s that’s the norm and you know, it will have a knock-on effect.

‘And you know, you think grassroots referees there are cases of them, you know, you know being attacked verbally abused. So Premier League managers have a great responsibility. I know how frustrated they get at times. But there is a line and many Premier League managers this season have crossed the line

‘And really, there needs to be severe bans on Premier League managers behaving in that manner, simply because of the effect it will have lower down the chain.’


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