UFC boss Dana White weighs in on trans-athlete debate in interview

UFC boss Dana White weighs in on trans-athlete debate during tell-all interview with Piers Morgan… as he labels the movement as ‘nutty’ and ‘insane’

  • Dana White sat down for a tell-all interview with Talk TV host Piers Morgan
  • The UFC chief was asked his opinion on the growing number of trans-athletes 
  • White offered a stern take on the matter, as he labelled the movement as ‘nutty’ 

UFC boss Dana White has claimed that the involvement of trans-athletes in high level sport is ‘nutty’ and ‘insane’. 

White, who was newly-instated as UFC CEO following the historic merger between the UFC and WWE, sat down with Talk TV host Piers Morgan on ‘Uncensored’ to discuss a number of personal and business matters.

Amongst those was the topic of trans-athletes, which has been been a growing debate over recent years – with a number of organisations opting to implement bans.

In May, British Cycling became the latest governing body to ban transgender women from racing in the female category and now White has also weighed in on the debate.  

Speaking to Morgan, White explained: ‘I think you know exactly what I think of that. I think that, let me put it to you this way. 

UFC boss Dana White (R) weighed in on the trans-athlete debate during his recent interview with Talk TV host Piers Morgan (L) on his show ‘Uncensored’

Athletes such as Laurel Hubbard (pictured) have dominated sporting debate in recent years

‘I have a daughter, I don’t ever want to see a day where somebody who is a biological male is competing against my daughter. 

‘No, I think it’s another nutty, insane thing that’s happening in the world today, that we are all trying to deal with. 

‘I am just glad there’s no, my daughter is a cheerleader, so she’s not playing any competitive sports, but it hasn’t happened in the cheer world yet’.

Earlier this year, British Cycling implemented a ban on trans-women competing in the female category at all events to ‘safeguard the fairness of competition’.

On the matter, British Cycling chief executive Jon Dutton said: ‘Our new policies are the product of a robust nine-month review process, which we know will have a very real-world impact for our community both now and in the future.

‘I am confident that we have developed policies that both safeguard the fairness of cyclesport competition, whilst ensuring all riders have opportunities to participate.’

British Cycling’s previous rules allowed transgender women to compete in the female category providing they had lowered their testosterone levels to below five nanomoles per litre over a 12-month period.

However, they suspended that policy in April last year after Emily Bridges – who was previously on Great Britain’s Academy as a male rider named Zach – attempted to enter the women’s race at the National Omnium Championships, where she would have come up against five-time Olympic champion Laura Kenny.

They have taken a different approach to weightlifting, after New Zealander Laurel Hubbard was allowed to compete at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 in the female category after transitioning in 2012. 

The UFC chief offered his thoughts on the movement and labelled it a ‘nutty’

British cyclist Emily Bridges – formerly known as Zach – was banned from the sport in May

In the interview with Morgan, the UFC chief also revealed how his eldest son ignored him for four days after he was filmed slapping his wife Anne during a row in a club in Mexico on New Year’s Eve.

‘I mean everybody was acting like there needs to be some big apology to the world,’ White said. ‘No, the apology was to my kids, for me and my wife. 

‘Nobody wants to see their dumb drunk parents slapping each other on TMZ, do you know what I mean? Our oldest son didn’t talk to us for like four days, and the other kids had to deal with some stuff too. It’s embarrassing’.

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