John Fury HEADBUTTS a glass panel at KSI-Tommy Fury press conference

John Fury punches and HEADBUTTS a glass panel as he disrupts the face-off between his son Tommy and KSI at the final press conference ahead of their grudge match on Saturday

  • KSI and Tommy Fury are set to fight each other at Manchester’s AO Arena
  • John Fury disrupted the face-off at their final press conference on Thursday
  • He proceeded to punch and headbutt a glass panel as he took to the stage 

John Fury punched and headbutted a glass panel as he stormed the stage at the final press conference for his son Tommy’s fight with KSI this weekend.

KSI and Tommy will meet at Manchester’s AO Arena on Saturday night, and ended their press conference by having a face-off inside a metal cage with a glass panel separating the pair to avoid a physical confrontation taking place.

After several minutes of trash talking between the two men, John got on stage and into the cage before smashing the panel with multiple punches and finishing off by throwing a headbutt.

He then continued to launch a verbal attack towards KSI before finally being led away by security.

John has been heavily involved in the build-up to this weekend’s fight, having caused the first press conference in August to be brought to an abrupt end when he smashed and flipped tables on stage.

John Fury headbutted a glass panel at the final press conference for the fight between his son Tommy and KSI

Fury also landed multiple punches on the glass panel as his son and KSI watched on

Fury had earlier been verbally insulting KSI from the side of the stage at the press conference

His actions led to Misfits Boxing putting in more precautions for today’s press conference as they introduced a cage with a panel to separate the fighters.

This did not stop John from making his way to the stage, though, and doing his best to put a hole through the panel with his fists and head.

Tensions had been simmering from the moment KSI arrived for the press conference, with John shouting at his son’s opponent from the side of the stage, leading to KSI labelling him ’embarrassing’.

While KSI and Tommy were able to answer a few questions, John continued to bark insults, leading to Tommy calling for his dad to join them on stage at one point, which drew big cheers from the crowd.  

He eventually did, and his assault on the glass panel was cheered on by those in attendance, while Tommy could also be seen smiling and laughing as it unfolded.

John may have been looking to get some payback on KSI from their altercation yesterday, when the YouTuber-turned-boxer spat in his direction from a balcony at the open workouts.

KSI spitting at John came after Fury Snr threw a bottle at him in response to KSI goading his son while they were doing an interview.

KSI was not impressed by John Fury’s behaviour, labelling him ’embarrassing’

The pair then exchanged angry words before John was led away. He was then involved in a confrontation with Jake and Logan Paul’s dad, Greg.

Greg attended the open workouts to see Logan go through his paces ahead of his fight with Dillon Danis on Saturday’s undercard.

He and John got into a heated exchange after the latter claimed ‘I’ll wipe the floor with all of you’.

John then approached Greg in an aggressive manner, forcing security to step in before they could come to blows. 

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