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Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator that has been used for over 30 years as a respiratory treatment. It affects smooth muscle tissues and relaxes to improve breathing. It is also used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It has been shown that through its stimulating effects on the central nervous system, it can help with weight loss and muscle building, as well as improving performance. As a result, the drug has become a hit among bodybuilders, models, and athletes to increase their looks and stamina

. So what are the changes in people taking clenbuterol before and after?

 Reported Effects of Clenbuterol

The health benefits of safe and regular use of Clenbuterol include:

Increases metabolism and ability to burn fat.
Increase in muscle mass
High body temperature
Improved respiratory function
rapid fat burning

Individual cases with clenbuterol

how it works

Clenbuterol helps people who need to build muscle mass to lose weight fast. It can increase the body’s aerobic capacity and pump oxygen to where it’s needed. Clenbuterol also helps reduce the amount of steroids used as it has anabolic properties. This was discovered when cattle pushed a member to increase the amount of lean meat. Although it has proven effects, this product does not work for everyone, especially when used incorrectly.

failed case

“I heard the member helped me rip really well, so I ordered some.” I took it in increasing doses of 40mcg, 80mcg and 120mcg and increased it to 200mcg for up to two weeks. I had planned to do a cycle of two weeks on and two weeks off. At the end of the first week, my peaks were very choppy but bearable. I continued with a 200 mcg dose and still had very shaky hands. I never noticed any weight loss other than about 5 pounds by the end of the second week. I exercised every day and didn’t seem to lose much weight. I weigh 200 lbs. and I gained 20 lbs last year so I’m only trying to lose about 25% of my body weight. ”

How to Take Clenbuterol for Best Results

Clenbuterol is used in a 2 week cycle for 2 week breaks. You can also switch between 2 working days and 2 days off. Everything you choose is done 2 and 2. This is because your body’s receptors stop responding to Clen and you will not see any results.

Take a limb for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off for a 6 week cycle. You can also get T3 thyroid hormone and an anabolic steroid. Their addition can help with weight loss and cutting. Consult an expert if you are unsure.

Tips for taking Clenbuterol

To reap the fat burning benefits of Clenbuterol, you must always follow your diet. Many people want to take a pill and lose weight on their own. This is not the case. A limb is quite a strong thing, but it takes a little effort to make it work well. There is no magic pill that will help you lose weight and gain muscle. Clenbuterol can help you a lot if you include a reasonably healthy diet. You will really notice all the results you have heard if you follow the program.

Clenbuterol side effects

If Clenbuterol is taken in the prescribed doses, the drug will give you positive results with several side effects. You will experience more muscle and increased fat burning. If you take too much Clenbuterol for too long, you may experience the following side effects:

  • Magont
  • heavy breathing
  • Irritation in the digestive tract.
  • cardiac hypertrophy
  • load on the chest
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • low phosphate levels
  • dizziness
  • eruption
  • vomiting
  • Humor changes
  • Tired
  • inability to concentrate
  • tremor
  • sleep problems
  • Urticaria
  • Sweat
  • Dry mouth

Tell your doctor if you are taking Clenbuterol as directed but still have any of the above side effects. You should inform your doctor as soon as any side effects appear, as there may be an allergic reaction or intolerance to the drug. You may need to stop taking the medicine or adjust the dose.