Coco Gauff pays tribute to her family after US Open win

Coco Gauff pays tribute to her family in heartfelt speech after US Open win – and in particular Dad, Corey

  • Coco Gauff lavished tribute to her longtime coach, and father, Corey, postgame 
  • Gauff made mention of the Williams sister, who she once came to watch in NY 
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New U.S. Open winner Coco Gauff has paid tribute to her family after her first Grand Slam triumph vs. Aryna Sabalenka Saturday evening. 

The 19-year-old Floridian was developed by her father, Corey, and he remained her coach up until the end of Wimbledon where she hired Brad Gilbert. 

Gauff raced up into the stands following her win at Flushing Meadows hugging both Corey and her mom, Candi, among others. 

‘Thank you first to my parents. Today was the first time I’ve ever seen my dad,’ she said. 

‘He doesn’t want me to tell y’all that but he got caught in 4K. He thinks he’s so hard. Thank you, guys. You believed in me from the beginning.’

Coco Gauff won her first Grand Slam title with a three-set victory vs. Aryna Sabalenka in NYC

After securing the U.S. Open title, Gauff went and hugged her father, Corey (pictured hugging)

Candi and Corey Gauff were on hand for their daughter’s stellar performance in Flushing, NY

Prior to her own career, Gauff had attended the Flushing Meadows slam to watch the Williams’

One of Gauff’s brothers doesn’t believe in having his phone on him at all times, clearly, after not answering the U.S. Open champ’s FaceTIme call after the win. 

‘I FaceTimed my brother but he didn’t answer,’ she revealed, but Gauff did admit he tried to call back but she couldn’t answer prior to the ceremony.

Gauff also made mention of the trailblazers before her including the Williams sisters, and later Billie Jean-King. 

‘I’ve been coming to this tournament, my dad took me to this tournament… watching Venus and Serena [Williams] compete. So, it’s really incredible to be on this stage.’

In an interview with ESPN later Friday, Gauff had more touching words for her father. 

‘He was the first person I saw,’ Gauff said after winning the Slam. ‘That moment. I’ll never forget that ever. I’m so happy. That man has supported me through so much. 

‘People always tried to tear us apart, saying he didn’t need to be in my box or he didn’t need to coach me anymore. Little do they know, he’s the reason I won this match.’

Earlier this week video emerged of an eight-year-old Gauff dancing at the 2012 US Open. 

Fast-forward 11 years and now there would have been many young girls dancing as Gauff kissed her first Grand Slam title.

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