Tommy Fury hits out at KSI after YouTube star insisted he was 'robbed'

Tommy Fury SLAMS KSI after YouTube star claimed he was ‘robbed’ in their boxing match – as former Love Island star insists that ‘hugging and doing starjumps does not win fights’

  • Tommy Fury has hit back at KSI’s claims that he was ‘robbed’ during their fight 
  • Fury triumphed via a unanimous decision against the YouTube star on Saturday 
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Tommy Fury has lashed out at KSI’s claims that he was ‘robbed’ during their boxing fight on Saturday night.

Fury, a professional boxer, went the full six rounds with the YouTube star at Manchester Arena, finishing narrowly ahead 57-56 on two judges’ scorecards with the third an erroneous 57-57 draw.

Speaking after the bout, KSI furiously insisted that he’d been ‘robbed’ on the night and that the judges’ scores were ‘outrageous’.

Many fans on social media agreed with the KSI’s claims and insisted the decision was ‘farcical’ – with many citing the fact Fury landed just 12 jabs during the fight.

Now, the former Love Island star has spoken out for himself and insisted that the YouTube star was ‘hugging and doing starjumps’ throughout the bout. 

In an interview on ITV, Tommy Fury (pictured) hit back at claims KSI was ‘robbed’ in their fight

Fury triumphed via unanimous decision after his bout with the YouTuber on Saturday night

Immediately after the bout, KSI insisted he was ‘robbed’ at the AO Arena in Manchester

Speaking on ITV, Fury said: ‘It has got my blood racing again. [I] can come out and say hugging and doing starjumps in the ring does not win the fight. 

‘He can go on about he was robbed but it was his show, his officials, his judges. So you’re saying that your own people that you employed robbed ya?’.

Fury’s victory against KSI was initially ruled as a ‘majority decision’ victory before being corrected as ‘a unanimous decision’ after one of the judges’ scorecards was added up incorrectly. 

It was announced that the judge in question scored the fight as a 57-57 draw when he actually scored it 57-56 to Fury. 

The other two judges also scored the six-round fight 57-56 to Fury as the Love Island star secured a controversial victory in Manchester.

The verdict was greeted with anger by KSI, with the YouTuber insisting he had beaten his professional rival. 

‘I understand the Fury name. I won it. It’s outrageous,’ KSI told DAZN. ‘Minus a point as well. I landed the cleanest shots. He couldn’t get any jabs off’.

Statistics from the fight revealed that Fury had thrown 159 punches across the six rounds, compared to KSI’s 124.

Fury connected with 39 of his punches, just one more than his rival.

The fight went the full distance with Fury landing just 12 jabs on the YouTube star throughout

Initially awarded as a majority decision victory, it later got changed to a unanimous decision

After the event, many fans and fighters spoke out in agreement with KSI and claimed that the YouTube star should’ve been awarded the victory. 

UFC star Israel Adesanya sided with the YouTube star, as he said: ‘I think KSI might have taken it man. 

‘I’m not a judge but I think with the point deduction as well, I think he [KSI] won this’.

Chris Eubank Jnr joined other pundits in trashing the official result that awarded Tommy Fury with a unanimous decision victory. 

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