Motherwell will dock players for 'cringy social media posts'

Motherwell will dock players £20 for ‘cringy social media posts’… as the Scottish Premiership club’s fines list is LEAKED online, with players fined £250 for missing the Christmas night out!

  • Motherwell’s fines list has been leaked online and features some big penalties  
  • The Steelmen are winless in their last 10 games after a tough start to the season 
  • Big Ange has lost three in a row, but no chance he changes his style: It’s All Kicking Off 

Motherwell’s fines list has been leaked online and features some interesting penalties that could see players be fined for ‘cringe social media posts’. 

Stuart Kettlewell’s side have endured a difficult start to the season, having failed to pick up a win in their last ten Scottish Premiership matches. 

While they have only managed three wins so far this season, they bounced back to secure a late 1-1 draw against Scottish Champions Celtic away from home on Saturday, seeing them move to eighth in the league. 

But it seems the club are driving high standards and will impose some hefty fines on players who turn up late to training, do not have the right kit and do not respect the club’s facilities. 

Interestingly, the biggest fine on the list will see players who do not attend the club’s Christmas night out cop a £250 penalty, while those who leave early will receive a £150 charge. 

Motherwell’s fines list has been leaked online and contains some interesting fines, including a £250 penalty for not attending the team’s Christmas night out 

It comes as Stuart Kettlewell’s side have endured a difficult start to the season, going winless in their last 10 games 

Motherwell claimed a dramatic late draw against Scottish Premiership champions Celtic on Saturday

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Motherwell will also bestow £25 sanctions on players for ‘unacceptable or cringy social media posts’.

The fines list says: ‘All fines are managed with common sense at the panel’s discretion’ and also requires players to give a £20 or £50 donation one week from payday. 

It’s not the first fines list to be leaked online in the past year, with Birmingham City’s fines list also being leaked in the summer, following Tom Brady’s investment in the club. 

Motherwell players will also be docked £25 if they are late for training, with £1 being added for every minute they are late. 

That fee increases if players are late for a match, with Kettlewell’s side fining players £100 plus £5 extra for every minute thereafter. 

While it seems the club is putting a big emphasis on punctuality, cleanliness and respect for the club’s facilities are also a big priority. 

The Scottish Premiership club will sanction players for peeing in the shower (£25), spitting in the dressing room (£30) and putting chewing gum or snus in urinals (£20). 

Kettlewell was appointed Motherwell manager in 2024 and claims his coaching team are ‘leaving no stone unturned’ as they attempt to build a platform following Saturday’s draw against Celtic. 

His side take on Dundee next in the league and the Scottish manager has been employing some innteresting tactics to help his team stay focused, including plastering pages of information and tactics on the walls around Fir Park. 

Players will also receive a £25 fine for ‘unacceptable or cringy social media posts’ 

Kettlewell has also said his side are leaving ‘no stone unturned’ as they hope to undo their slow start to the 2023-24 season

‘We leave no stone unturned. They spend a lot of time with coaching on the pitch and it is just what I believe in,’ Kettlewell said according to the Daily Record. 

‘There are a lot of sheets of paper up on the wall on a Saturday with what we are looking to do, it’s what I genuinely believe in. We do paper the walls! Other people have different ways. 

‘All I and the staff ever do is pitch out every single aspect and then, in those crucial moments, it’s up to them to decide. 

‘We haven’t deviated from when we were on an excellent run. We work exactly the same and, if you do that, you can get back to that winning way. We try to coax as much as we can out of everybody and we try to knock down barriers.’


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