Michael Owen BAFFLES fans with dart throwing admission

Michael Owen BAFFLES fans after recounting an episode where he ‘lobbed’ a dart at a person’s leg…weeks after he was MOCKED for claiming that throwing an apple in a bin helped build ‘confidence’ on the football pitch

  • Former Liverpool and Real Madrid striker has been ridiculed for a recent story
  • He had earlier claimed that throwing an apple in a bin helped build confidence
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Michael Owen has delighted and perplexed fans on social media in equal measure with his latest revelation. 

The former Liverpool and Real Madrid striker was mocked earlier this month after claiming that he built ‘confidence’ by throwing an apple in a bin at his family home.

Owen, one of just six English players to win the Ballon d’Or, added to a burgeoning catalogue on Tuesday when asked to share a Christmas confession at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards. 

The 44-year-old proceeded to recount an episode where he threw a dart at a person’s leg expecting them to move. Unfortunately for Owen – and the person in question –  they did not, leaving the ex-striker stunned as the projectile lodged itself in their skin.

‘I remember throwing a dart in someone’s leg, thinking they’re just going to move out the way,’ he told Sport Bible. ‘Just joking around – I was about 20 metres away. 

Michael Owen’s recent Christmas confession had many on social media scratching their heads

Fans took to social media to poke fun at the former Liverpool and Real Madrid striker

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Owen has been the subject of much ridicule this month after following his peculiar revelations

‘I thought “I’ll just lob this one” towards said person and they just seemed to watch it and watch it before it went ‘plonk’ right in their leg. 

‘I was like, “you were supposed to move”. I didn’t do it too hard, I wasn’t going to announce that to the world.’

Football fans on social media were quick to react, with several making note of his comments earlier this month.


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‘Michael Owen is one of the most extraordinary human beings to have ever existed,’ sarcastically wrote on user on X, formerly Twitter. 

‘Darts, apples, is there anything this man can’t throw?’ Wrote another. A third simply added: ‘He can’t be real.’

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