AI Royal Rumble of Prem’s hardest players ever – and Roy Keane gets ganged up on
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    A Royal Rumble of the Premier League's hardest players of all-time is a tantalising prospect.

    Who wouldn't want to see the likes of Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira reigniting their old feuds and battling it out WWE-style until there's just one left standing to claim victory?

    Well, it just so happens that we at Daily Star Sport have made it a reality – sort of – by offering up 30 contenders and asking ChatGPT to randomise their entrance order and predict the outcome.

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    Strap yourselves in for one hell of a journey which features some legendary Prem hard men including Vinnie Jones and Duncan Ferguson.

    They'll be pitted against some stars still battling it out on the pitch, like Jamie Vardy and Inter Miami-bound Luis Suarez. Without further ado, let's get ready to rumble…

    Who would you say is the Prem's greatest hard man in history? Let us know in the comments section.

    Early going

    Mick Harford enters the ring first and awaits the arrival of the next participant. Lee Cattermole enters, and the two Premier League hardmen engage in a brawl. They trade blows, but Harford manages to toss Cattermole over the top rope, eliminating him.

    Vinnie Jones makes his way to the ring. He and Harford have a stare-down, but Jones manages to gain the upper hand and eliminates his opponent.

    Stig Tofting enters and starts a brutal brawl with Jones. The two fighters trade punches and kicks, but it's Jones who eventually eliminates Tofting.

    Jamie Vardy enters the match and uses his speed and agility to avoid elimination by Jones. Kevin Muscat joins the action, and he and Jones team up to eliminate Vardy.

    Martin Keown enters and helps Muscat take on Jones. They manage to eliminate the Wimbledon legend, who fought valiantly but couldn't withstand the odds.

    Lee Bowyer steps into the ring and aligns with the dominant Keown and Muscat. They work together to eliminate Tofting.

    Samir Nasri enters with confidence, and the ring becomes a battlefield as the participants engage in intense brawls. His entrance is met with a mix of jeers and cheers from the other competitors, reflecting the polarising nature of his career.

    Nemanja Vidic makes a thunderous entrance, and his reputation as a defensive powerhouse precedes him. The other participants acknowledge his presence with a mixture of respect and wariness. He immediately targets Bowyer and, with a display of his incredible strength, eliminates him by tossing him over the top rope.

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    Middle stages

    El-Hadji Diouf's entrance is met with raised eyebrows and some boos from the crowd. He tries to form an alliance with Nasri, but the Frenchman is hesitant to trust him. Their partnership is short-lived as the chaos in the ring continues.

    Craig Bellamy storms into the match, and his fiery personality is evident as he goes after Vidic, seeking revenge for past on-field encounters. Bellamy's entrance is met with cheers from the crowd, who know he never backs down from a challenge. He manages to eliminate Diouf with a well-timed dropkick.

    Cristian Romero's entrance brings a buzz of excitement to the crowd. He's a rising star known for his tenacity and physicality on the football field. The other competitors take notice and see him as a threat.

    Julian Dicks, known for his tough tackling and no-nonsense style, makes his way to the ring. His entrance is met with a mix of cheers and nostalgia from fans who remember his playing days. Dicks eliminates Bellamy with a crushing blow, continuing the intense action.

    Neil Ruddock, the "Razor," enters with swagger, and his larger-than-life personality garners a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Nigel De Jong then enters, and his reputation for tough challenges precedes him. He takes on Dicks, and the two have a hard-hitting exchange, gaining respect from the crowd for their grit and determination.

    Stuart Pearce's entrance is met with cheers from fans who remember his fearless playing style. Pearce goes after De Jong.

    Ring is filling up

    David Luiz enters with flamboyance, and his unpredictability makes him an intriguing addition to the match. The other competitors are unsure of what to expect.

    Patrick Vieira's entrance is met with respect from the crowd and competitors alike. His commanding presence and reputation as a midfield enforcer are well-known. Vieira goes after Pearce, continuing their on-field clashes.

    Joey Barton enters with his usual swagger and a smirk, and the other participants are wary of his unsportsmanlike tactics. Barton eliminates Luiz with a low blow, showcasing his willingness to do whatever it takes to stay in the match.

    Jaap Stam enters, and his impressive career as a defender is acknowledged by the crowd. Luis Suarez's entrance is met with a mix of cheers and boos, as fans remember his controversial on-field behaviour. Suarez eliminates Barton with a swift counter, showcasing his cunning style.

    Gary Medel enters with his fiery temper and aggressive demeanour. The competitors are on high alert as they know he won't back down from a fight. Medel eliminates Suarez with a devastating suplex.

    Duncan Ferguson's entrance brings a sense of intimidation to the match. His towering presence and reputation for physical play make the other participants nervous. Ferguson eliminates Medel and entrant No25 Aaron Ramsdale in quick succession with a double clothesline.

    Diego Costa's entrance creates a buzz, as fans anticipate his aggressive style in the Royal Rumble. The competitors recognise him as a fierce fighter and are on guard.

    Fan favourite enters

    Tony Adams makes a legendary entrance, and the crowd erupts in cheers. His esteemed career as an Arsenal captain is well-respected, and his entrance is met with admiration. Adams eliminates Costa with a powerful slam, showcasing his enduring strength.

    The Gunners icon uses his experience and strength to go toe-to-toe with Ferguson. After a fierce struggle and with the support of the crowd, Adams manages to lift Ferguson over the top rope and eliminate him with a powerful effort, showcasing his determination and legendary status.

    Roy Keane enters with his trademark intensity and determination. The competitors brace themselves for his aggressive style. Keane goes after Adams, continuing their on-field rivalries.

    Thomas Gravesen enters with a determined look, ready to prove himself among these Premier League legends. The other competitors acknowledge his presence but remain focused on the match.

    David Batty enters as the final participant, and the crowd's anticipation reaches its peak. Batty, known for his workmanlike attitude, gets a warm reception from fans who remember his gritty playing style.

    The final six

    The final six competitors remaining in the ring are Keane, Gravesen, Vieira, Ruddock, Batty and Adams. The crowd is on the edge of their seats as these tough footballers battle it out.

    Vieira eliminates Ruddock with a spine-tingling suplex. Batty and Gravesen are then taken out by Keane.

    It comes down to Keane, Vieira and Adams as the last three participants. They engage in an epic showdown, with each trying to throw the other over the top rope. The crowd roars with excitement as the intensity of the match reaches its peak.

    In an unsurprising turn of events, Vieira and Adams join forces to eliminate Keane, showcasing the mutual respect they have for each other as former team-mates.

    The final two competitors are Vieira and Adams, and the crowd is torn, not knowing who to root for in this epic showdown between two legendary footballers.

    In the end, it's Vieira who manages to eliminate Adams with a well-executed manoeuvre, securing his victory in the Premier League Footballers Royal Rumble.

    The crowd erupts in applause as Vieira stands victorious in the ring, having outlasted all the other competitors in this intense and entertaining crossover event.

    Full list of 30 competitors by entrance number:

    1. Mick Harford
    2. Lee Cattermole
    3. Vinnie Jones
    4. Stig Tofting
    5. Jamie Vardy
    6. Kevin Muscat
    7. Martin Keown
    8. Lee Bowyer
    9. Samir Nasri
    10. Nemanja Vidic
    11. El-Hadji Diouf
    12. Craig Bellamy
    13. Cristian Romero
    14. Julian Dicks
    15. Neil Ruddock
    16. Nigel De Jong
    17. Stuart Pearce
    18. David Luiz
    19. Patrick Vieira
    20. Joey Barton
    21. Jaap Stam
    22. Luis Suarez
    23. Gary Medel
    24. Duncan Ferguson
    25. Aaron Ramsdale
    26. Diego Costa
    27. Tony Adams
    28. Roy Keane
    29. Thomas Gravesen
    30. David Batty
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