Logan Paul injury update after Dillon Danis smashed microphone on star’s head

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis workout ahead of boxing fight

Logan Paul’s hotly-anticipated duel with Dillon Danis was thrown into some doubt on Thursday evening after social media star Paul was struck in the face by a microphone thrown by his opponent. But Misfits Boxing chief KSI has played down the incident, insisting that his Prime business partner is still ready to fight at Manchester’s AO Arena on Saturday night.

WWE wrestler Paul was left with blood running down his cheek after the two warring fighters came face-to-face at a pre-fight press conference just 48 hours before they are scheduled to meet in the ring.

At the end of the media briefing, the two stars stood up before Paul chucked his microphone at Danis with a low underarm throw. But the Bellator fighter responded by smashing Paul in the face with his microphone before their entourages separated the pair.

Boxers have been known to pull out of fights after suffering cuts and injuries close to the contest, but KSI, who is also part of the double headline bill, has played down the prospect of a withdrawal.

He said: “Logan’s good, I went to go see him and he’s all good. He’s still ready to fight, if anything he’s very angry and can’t wait to get his hands on Dillon.”

When pressed on the severity of Paul’s face injury, KSI added: “It’s just like a little bump. Obviously, there’s a little something but he’ll be fine.”

Press conference drama was not limited to Paul and Danis, with KSI also caught up in some pre-fight chaos.

The YouTuber was kept apart from opponent Tommy Fury by a perspex screen but it soon became apparent that the real necessity for the divide was to provide protection from Fury’s animated dad John Fury.

With KSI standing just inches away on the other side of the pane, the 59-year-old fired heavy punches at the transparent plastic sheet before headbutting it.

KSI remained calm and didn’t flinch and when asked about the incident later on, he said: “It’s annoying, I was actually having a good, civilised chat with Tommy. Then obviously his dad is just annoying, just constant barking, repeatedly.

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“I don’t know, it ruins it for me as well, it is what it is, it doesn’t matter, as long as I get to be in the ring with him, Tommy Fury, and knock him out, that’s all that matters.”

Fury’s ‘fury’ is likely to have been triggered by in incident on Wednesday evening at a public workout event when KSI appeared to spit his chewing gum at elder statesman from a balcony above him.

Confirming his actions, KSI said: “Yeah, I spat my chewing gum at him. I thought, ‘Don’t you dare throw something at me, don’t disrespect me’. If you disrespect me I’ll disrespect you too.”

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