Shane Warne's kids believe one simple step could have saved his life

Shane Warne’s children reveal they believe the legend ‘might still be with us today’ if he’d taken one simple step before that fateful trip to Thailand

  • Warne suffered a fatal heart attack in 2022
  • His children want his legacy to inspire them 
  • Believe one simple act could have saved Warne, and could save other Aussies 

Shane Warne’s tragic death in 2022 rocked Australian sport but one simple act could have saved his life, according to the family he left behind.

The king of spin tragically died of a heart attack on March 4 while staying at a luxury villa on the Thailand holiday island of Koh Samui.

Warne was trying to improve his health on the ill-fated trip, with his manager James Erskine insisting he was sober. The room was clear of any alcohol or cigarettes at the time of his death.

He was only 52.  

While the tragedy rocked the nation, his children Brooke, Jackson and Summer hope Warne’s sudden death can inspire other Aussies to take action and save their own lives.

Warne, right, pictured with the Cricket World Cup and teammates Mark and Steve Waugh, tragically died in 2022 of a heart attack while holidaying in Thailand

Warne’s surviving children Jackson, Summer and Brooke are urging Aussies to take a heart test in a move that could save their lives

Warne was well known for his love of a drink and a smoke, which would have made him a candidate for regular heart health checks 

In a joint letter penned for News Corp, the children are urging Aussies to have their hearts checked regularly.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in Australia, leading to 12 per cent of all fatalities.

While Warne did reportedly speak to a doctor about his heart health before leaving for Thailand, he did not have a thorough test carried out. 

Warne’s family believe if that test had been taken, their father and hero would still be with us.

‘We believe if dad had taken one of these tests, he might still be with us today,’ the children wrote.

‘When we reflect on Shane’s passing in March 2022, we can’t help but wonder if a heart test might have revealed an issue, allowing him to take preventive measures,’ Warne’s parents Brigitte and Keith added.

Warne’s parents Brigitte and Keith, pictured with Warne and Liz Hurley when he was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame, also want to see more Aussie’s take a heart test

Warne delivered many moments of brilliance in his playing career and was a well liked media personality prior to his death

Many Australians are still in mourning for the Sheikh of Tweak, with a tribute to Warne erected the the MCG where a stand has also been named in his honour

The Shane Warne Foundation is one of the greatest legacies left behind by the champion cricketer, with his children carrying the torch to continue the work of the non-profit organisation.

Now Shane Warne Legacy – a new organisation to be launched on Tuesday – aims to fund 23,000 free health tests for Aussies this year, with the aim of providing 500,000 free heart tests for the nation in 2024. 

‘We’re immensely proud of the Shane Warne Legacy team, who were dad’s team in life for nearly 20 years – they are ensuring dad will be remembered as he deserves, doing precisely what he would want – giving a leg up to those in need,’ his children wrote.

‘His legacy, one of making a difference, is nothing short of extraordinary. He would love this.

‘We aim to reciprocate the love and guidance dad provided us throughout our lives by continuing the legacy he left behind.

‘It’s our heartfelt commitment to sustain the legacy on his behalf.’

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