WWE star defends boss Vince McMahon from fan criticism and reveals why talent is to blame

WWE has experienced a fall in ratings and the booking of matches, storylines and promos have also come under fire especially after the company’s former top guy Dean Ambrose criticised the promotion and McMahon in a couple of tell-all interviews.

However, Velveteen Dream insists The Chairman is not at fault and used the success he’s had in the last 40 years as an example to remind the WWE Universe of his talent and abilities.

Dream believes that the fault lies with the talent and claims they are the ones that failed to entertain the audience.

The 23-year-old grappler argued that the WWE supremo can write storylines all day but it is up to the wrestlers to turn them into gold.

Is it fair 2 critique Vince?

Velveteen Dream

The former Tough Enough contestant compared WWE to Star Wars to get his point through as he claims the new movies are failing to meet the success of the old ones because of today’s cast.

Velveteen Dream said on Instagram: “Let’s play a game.

“Is it fair 2 critique Vince? I mean after all WWE is a form of entertainment. U do know WWE is a TV show.

“Right?!?! WWE is a TV show put on cable and Network TV. By who U ask? Answer: Vince McMahon.

“Evil Boss (On Screen) & Director of HIS TV show’s (Off Screen).

“Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live, etc…

“George Lucas directed Star Wars. Vince McMahon directs Raw, SmackDown, 205 Live and he’s directed everything else U’ve watched from WWE over the last 40 years. Yes John I am sure.

“Point is: When TV sucks it’s because the actors and entertainers and stunt men FAILED 2 entertain U.

“Vince can write ALL DAY it’s Ur ‘favorites’ that have 2 make it entertaining.

“Star Wars was great in the 90s too! The new ones suck because the new actors SUCK. And yes this is still a WWE thread.

“Game over. I meant dream over.”

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