NXT star Matt Riddle reveals why he respects WWE hero Brock Lesnar despite past criticism

Riddle said many times that he wants to retire Lesnar and has taken various shots at him as he described him as a bully and criticised his part-time schedule.

However, The King of Bros admits he respects the UFC legend’s achievements throughout the years and points out that his 6ft 3in, 286lb physique proves that he indeed has a strong work ethic despite his sporadic appearances in WWE.

The 33-year-old grappler, who is also a former MMA star himself with past stints in UFC and Bellator, is also impressed with how The Beast made it to the top of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.

The NXT star believes he and The Conqueror are polar opposites but in some way they are also pretty identical.

I have a huge amount of respect for Lesnar

Matt Riddle

Riddle told talkSPORT: “I have a huge amount of respect for Lesnar.

“You know, he’s done everything since he came into it.

“He works hard.

“You don’t look like Lesnar without working hard.

“You don’t pick up things, get to the top of multiple industries and sports without working hard.

“Do I like his work, per se, and his attitude right now? No.

“But, I think that’s why it’s good [between them].

“He’s the complete opposite of me, but we’re the same.”

Lesnar’s most recent appearance took place at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia where he suffered a brutal beating at the hands of Universal Champion Seth Rollins.

The six-time world champion tried to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Rollins after he was taken out by Baron Corbin but the title-holder quickly regrouped before the bell rang.

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