Marvel and WWE star Batista reveals bold Chris Jericho theory on John Cena

The Animal seems to have retired from professional wrestling after his WrestleMania 35 clash with Triple H to concentrate on his acting career that has seen him starring in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy under his real name Dave Bautista.

Bautista came back to WWE in 2014 for a short second stint and was so frustrated with the creative process that he described the entire ordeal as a “nightmare”.

The six-time world champion thought that the writers and producers have no long-term vision for the big picture.

The ex-WWE Champion remembers a conversation he had with Chris Jericho who told him that Cena will end up becoming the last ever face of the company because wrestlers today have much less freedom to grow and express themselves.

The creative process, I still don’t get


Batista told Wrestling Sheet Radio: “The creative process, I still don’t get.

“It was a nightmare to me the last time I was there which was 2014 and it seems like it’s become worse.

“It seems that they’re just — I feel like they don’t have a clear vision or a long-term vision.

“Everything’s very week-to-week and it doesn’t seem like they stick to a plan very much.

“I don’t think that guys — and I’m gonna steal this from somebody — but Jericho pointed out something to me that makes complete sense.

“He said that John Cena, he’s the last guy. He’s the last guy who’s gonna be over like he is.

“It’s because performers now they’re limited, their hands are tied. They can’t go to war like we used to.

“We used to go to war and beat the c**p outa each other and it earned a level of respect from people.

“It was like a different level of respect. It was a different level of getting over.

“We had more freedom. We could be more full of p**s and vinegar.

“We could be more on the edge and the guys are just not given that freedom anymore.”

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