CM Punk addresses his possible return to ring, reacts to Seth Rollins’ Twitter comments

Punk responds to Seth Rollins’ comments

Punk was well known for being vocal during his days in the WWE, and that never changed when he left. He continues to voice his opinions on the WWE Backstage program on Fox.

The episode on Nov. 19 included discussion of WWE superstar Seth Rollins’ Twitter comments to Punk over the past week.

The two previously crossed paths in WWE when Rollins was a member of The Shield. Now it appears that Rollins is trying to get a huge one-on-one match set up, or at least stir up Punk to return to WWE. Following Punk’s debut on WWE Backstage, Rollins tweeted “Fight me.”

— Seth Rollins (@WWERollins) November 13, 2019

Just a few days ago, Rollins replied to Punk’s comment about catching up on “rasslin’” by telling him, “fight me. I’ll catch ya right up.”

— Seth Rollins (@WWERollins) November 18, 2019

On Tuesday night’s Backstage, show host Renee Young brought up Rollins’ tweets and Twitter replies regarding Punk, asking the former WWE Champion what Seth needs to do “to get his edge back.”

That prompted Rollins to retweet the video clip with a new comment, “HELL of a response. Coward.”

— Seth Rollins (@WWERollins) November 20, 2019

Punk discusses possible return to WWE ring

Is Rollins trying to be clever to get a match set up for a future event?

Based on Punk’s comments, that’s not likely without some “bridges” being rebuilt. He’s currently working for Fox as part of the WWE Backstage show and not the WWE. Still, he didn’t rule out the possibility of a return to wrestling again.

Check out Renee Young’s full interview with CM Punk in the YouTube video below.

While CM Punk hasn’t made any groundbreaking announcements that he’ll return for a WWE match, his presence on the new show has certainly made it popular so far.

The fans should continue to eat up his insight into the latest storylines, matches, and controversies within the WWE, anxiously waiting for some indication he’s officially going to wrestle again.

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