Batista net worth: How much does WWE WrestleMania star get paid?

Dave Bautista, known in the WWE simply as Batista, has vowed to end Triple H’s career in their WrestleMania showdown.

The 50-year-old appeared on Monday Night Raw last month to challenge the WWE executive to a one-v-one clash.

Triple H agreed, before later adding a No Holds Barred stipulation.

The pair have a bitter past, which Batista explains has stemmed from well before their time in Evolution together in the early 2000s.

“It goes back way further than that,” he said. “This guy, you know, I keep hearing that I owe my career to him, that he took me under his wing, he made me a star.

“And way before Evolution all this guy did was groom me to be his muscle. That’s all he does. His history shows that he uses people to protect him, to make him look good. DX, Evolution, the same thing.

“So that’s what he did, he groomed me. He used me like some big meat head to protect him, and he held me down, shut me out, talked down to me, underestimated me.

“He didn’t think I was a star, didn’t think I was a big enough star to be there on top of the company.

“And at WrestleMania, pay attention, I’m going to end his in-ring career.”

Batista net worth

According to The Richest, Batista’s net worth is estimated at $13million.

His WWE career has taken a backseat following his move into Hollywood.

He has acted in numerous high-grossing films and reportedly banked $1.4m for starring in Guardians of the Galaxy, while also taking home $1m for his role in Spectre.

During the heights of his WWE career, Batista was earning $813,000 per year, not including bonus payments.

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