Roger Federer sends political message to Novak Djokovic at Italian Open

Djokovic, chairman of the player council, led a revolt against ATP president Chris Kermode earlier this year.

The Brit will be removed from his position at the end of the year and his replacement is expected to be decided this week.

Djokovic will play a big part in the appointment of a new head of the men’s tour.

And Federer wants to make sure tennis heads in the right direction with someone who is fully committed.

“In terms of the board decision, you know, I think what we need is somebody who can definitely also communicate well with players and then also with the other board members on the tournament side,” Federer said.

“It’s been at times quite divided. I’m not sure if that’s good.

“I understand that you have to fight for the players, and they fight for the tournaments.

“In some stages you also have to find consensus between one another. Yeah, I’m curious to find out who it’s going to be.

“I just hope that person’s going to be hard-working, excited, and understands it’s a very important role.

“I’m hoping it’s not going to be a role he sort of does on the side and he has another priority. That would be nice.”

Meanwhile, Djokovic refused to detail what type of person he would be voting for.

“I think we collectively have to understand the, so to say, profile of a person that we’re looking for, whether it’s experience in sport, in business, both, that’s to be discussed,” he said.

“I am president of the council, but then we are not voting.

“If you know the system and the structure, the board votes. We have representatives of a board.

“I’m not the one going and voting yes or no on the board. It’s three board representatives.

“They have the right, and historically they have been doing something also against the council, because they feel responsibility, they feel like that’s the right way to go about and represent players in sport.”

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