Federer may have himself to blame for GOAT rival  Nadal’s success

Roger Federer: The fans are the centre of everything

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Tennis influencer Bastien Fachan has shared a remarkable theory regarding the careers of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and has left fans hooked. Both Federer and Nadal are two of tennis’ greatest ever competitors, forming two parts of the three way ‘GOAT’ debate with Novak Djokovic.

Federer dominated the debate for some time, having started his career slightly earlier than Nadal and Djokovic. Despite this his two rivals have since caught up, both passing the Swiss great’s Grand Slam record of 20 victories.

It seems though that Federer could well have avoided the challenge of Nadal, and this has been laid bare by Fachan. The social media influencer outlined that a young Nadal was invited personally by Federer to watch his Indian Wells clash with Juan Ignacio Chela at the 2004 Indian Wells in his private box.

Whilst the Swiss star won the match in straight sets, in the long-term this afternoon in California had long-lasting consequences. As noted by Fachan, the invite gave an eagle-eyed Nadal a front-seat view of Federer, allowing him to analyse every part of his game, up-close and personal.

Just over a week later the pair faced off against each other for the very first time in Miami, and having been given the best seat in the house 10 days prior, Nadal knew his opponent’s game inside-out. And he used this to his advantage, targeting Federer’s weakness down his left-hand side and subsequently defeating the then world No. 1.

This kicked off an era of dominance for the Spaniard, and as Fachan described it a ‘mental edge’ over Federer. Nadal went on to win six of his first seven matches against the Swiss legend, winning four French Open crowns in four years, as well as the 2008 Wimbledon title ahead of Federer.

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Tennis fans were left blown away by the theory, and lauded the influencer for his thread on Twitter. One follower – @ayejayy86 – was left impressed, responding: “What an amazing thread, thanks for sharing!” Whilst @@Nina_Brtt added: “Great [thread] and walk down memory lane.”

It seems not everybody was convinced though, with @nbrookie replying: “Perhaps, but Nadal’s team could have seen video tapes of Federer playing and draw the same conclusion.” Before @nimdilXin commented: “As nice as it reads, Nadal most probably would still dominate Federer even without watching that Chela match.”

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