Will Ferrell predicts USA to win 3-0 against England at the World Cup

‘I’m delivering a bag of s*** to your doorstep’: Will Ferrell enters into a war of words with Aaron Ramsdale ahead of huge England vs USA clash at the World Cup… after keeper changed title of actor’s famous film to ‘W*****man’

  • Ferrell was talking about the USA’s chances against England with Capital Radio
  • Ramsdale, Arsenal’s goalkeeper, called in to let the actor know he admires him 
  • However, he put his admiration for Ferrell to the side and trash-talked his movies 
  • Ferrell promised the Brit that a bag of ‘s**t’ will soon be delivered at his doorstep
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Will Ferrell hilariously trash talked Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsdale ahead of the England-US rivalry at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar on Friday, after the goalkeeper dared to change the title of the actor’s famous ‘Anchorman’ movies to ‘W*****man.’

In an unlikely showdown on London-based radio Capital FM, host Roman Kemp played out a voice recording from Ramsdale where he told Ferrell that whilst he ‘loves watching his films’, ‘when that whistle goes, you’ll be the worst actor in the world’ and joked ‘Elf will be on the shelf, and it will be a little less Anchorman and more w*****man’ – leaving Ferrell no other choice but to engage in a battle of words. 

‘Wow. Mr. Aaron Ramsdale. Aaron you didn’t realize when you gave those quotes, Aaron you didn’t realize, I know where you live,’ the ex-SNL actor said.

‘And I’m delivering a bag of s*** to your doorstep. I’m going to light it on fire and you’re going to have to stomp it out, you’re going to have s*** all over your football boots. Alright Aaron?!’

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Will Ferrell hilariously trashed talked the England soccer team and goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale ahead of the World Cup England vs USA game on Friday, saying he’ll deliver a ‘bag of s**t’ to the Arsenal man’s doorstep 

Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale reacts during the England training session on November 22nd 

Beef between the American and the Brit started when Ferrell was asked to predict the scoreline of Friday’s game, to which he emphatically responded: ‘USA three, England nil,’ before suggesting it’ll be a ‘slaughter’ on the Three Lions.

Kemp then asked Ferrell if any members of the England team should be worried before the match in Al Khor – north of Doha. 

‘They aren’t going to sleep at night. Because they are insomniacs,’ said the Semi-Pro, Step Brothers and Talladega Nights actor said.

Ferrell is known to be a big soccer fan and has been at Stamford Bridge on several occasions to cheer on Chelsea, reportedly his favorite team. He has also frequented the Emirates Stadium, where Arsenal play, and is a part owner of LAFC in the MLS. 

Earlier on Capital Radio, the 55-year-old even confessed to have drunk ‘some beer out of the MLS Cup’ after LAFC beat the Philadelphia Union on penalties following an incredible 3-3 draw at the end of regulation. 

Ferrell was hanging with the Capital radio crew along with actress Octavia Spencer (middle)

Among the goal scorers was Gareth Bale, who drew the score level for the California club within the dying seconds of the game. 

The Welshman also drew Wales level with the US (1-1) from the penalty spot after a foul from defender Walker Zimmerman. Earlier in the first half, Timothy Weah had scored to give the Star and Stripes the lead. 

The match on Monday drew 11.7 million viewers in the US, with 8,306,000 million tuning into Fox’s English-language telecast and 3.4 million for the Spanish-language offering on Telemundo.

Fox said the match was viewed by 563,000 on streams, the network’s group-stage high since taking over U.S. English-language rights for the 2018 tournament. There were 1.0 million streams on Telemundo and Peacock, the most-streamed Spanish-language World Cup match.

Ahead of their second game against England, 11.7 million Americans watched the Wales game

The 2014 U.S. opener in Brazil, which started at 6 p.m. EDT on a Saturday in mid-June, was seen by 11.1 million on ESPN and 4.8 million on Univision.

That was down from 17.3 million on ABC and Univision for the Americans’ opening 1-1 draw against England in South Africa in 2010, a game that started at 2:30 p.m. EDT on a Saturday in mid-June.

Fox’s average of 4,026,000 for its first three telecasts this year was up 193 percent from the 1,374,000 for the first three matches in 2018, when the U.S. failed to qualify.

Telemundo’s coverage averaged 2.6 million for the first four matches, up 73 percent from 1.5 million for the first four matches four years ago.

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