Thomas Tuchel’s orders to Chelsea for Real Madrid second leg showdown

Thomas Tuchel has ordered his players to forget the first leg – and go all out for victory at Stamford Bridge.

Tuchel made it clear that his players should have no fear about facing Real Madrid, the most successful side on European football history.

Blues boss Tuchel’s men were hugely impressive in Madrid as they made the 13 time winners look an ageing, ordinary team and a precious away goal now means Chelsea are just 90 minutes away from reaching the Champions League final.

But Tuchel gave a stirring pre-match rallying cry to his players that last week is already forgotten and urged them to go out and win the return leg rather than try to protect their advantage.

Tuchel said: “We will clearly prepare the match to win the match, we have no other way to prepare for matches than to encourage my team to go out and try to win it, to be our best and if we want to, if we are at our best then it's a no-brainer that we go for the win. This club is about winning.

“This game is about winning, this competition is about winning. We are in the semi final second leg, forget the first leg result, it's not as important as everyone thinks.

“It's got zero importance in preparation for this match, zero importance for this game, it will change absolutely nothing for how we start the game tomorrow, how we prepare today and what we do in training and that has zero influence in the talk we give to our players.

"We will encourage them, we will demand from them to be as strong as possible from tomorrow from 8pm. The group has one goal to overcome Real Madrid and this will only happen if we bring out best level to the pitch and the best level means that we fight to win.

“It's the second leg, the decisive one, so to arrive with a certain level of belief and self-confidence is absolutely necessary. Otherwise we have no chance against a team like Real Madrid. And it does not help so much if your coach is talking about it, we need to really feel it.”

Tuchel’s impact on Chelsea has been nothing short of remarkable, taking a team in January which was beginning to worry about even making the top four, now they are in the FA Cup final and are 90 minutes from the Champions League final.

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The ex-Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint Germain boss has made them hard to beat, instilled a new confidence and belief plus he has also got the best out of N’Golo Kante who had struggled with injuries under Frank Lampard.

Kante was outstanding in the first leg in Madrid, has already won two Premier League titles and the Europa League but a Champions League title has so far evaded one of Europe’s best midfield players of his generation.

Tuchel added: “He is the guy who needs to win trophies and that's why we are so, so happy that he's here. I've been dreaming about this player, fighting for this player, dreaming about this player at any club I was coaching.

“So now he's my player and, as you mentioned, he's won every trophy except the Champions League. Hopefully he will do everything that he can to help us get this trophy.

“I’m super happy, so happy that there are players like him exist. He has the mentality of a real helper, who will always give everything to help anybody on the pitch out there and being such a nice, humble, quiet guy. It’s a fantastic combination.”

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