Simon Jordan says either PGMOL or Jurgen Klopp are 'liars'

‘Either PGMOL or Jurgen Klopp are LIARS’: Simon Jordan says Liverpool boss must ‘be held accountable’ and calls for audio of row with referee Paul Tierney to be released

  • Jurgen Klopp accused Paul Tierney of making an ‘unacceptable’ comment
  • PGMOL has since released a statement in which they defended the referee
  • Simon Jordan wants audio of the row between the pair to be released  

Simon Jordan has called for the audio of the row between Jurgen Klopp and referee Paul Tierney to be released – insisting that either PGMOL or the Liverpool boss are ‘liars’.

Mail Sport understands the German is set to be charged by the FA after he accused Tierney of having an agenda against the Reds following their dramatic 4-3 win over Tottenham. 

Klopp said that Tierney said something ‘unacceptable to him,’ while PGMOL accused the Liverpool boss of lying as they said they had listened back to the referee’s audio from the match and that he acted in a ‘professional manner throughout’.

Jordan told talkSPORT that Klopp should be ‘made to account for what he is alleging’ and that PGMOL should release the audio to prove their side of the story.

The former Crystal Palace owner said: ‘I think he should be made to account for what he is alleging. If you are going to say something then say it. It’s cowardly that he didn’t.

Jurgen Klopp accused Paul Tierney of making an ‘unacceptable’ comment – something which PGMOL has since come out to deny accusing the Liverpool manager of lying

Simon Jordan believes the audio of the row involving Klopp and Tierney should be released

Jordan wants the Liverpool boss or Tierney to be punished after insisting that either Klopp or PGMOL are lying

‘If you want to go full in and make the observation then do it. He didn’t need to bring Tierney’s observations in, but he brought them in.

‘You said this man said inappropriate things to you. Then tell us what they are because you went in, brought them to our attention, and want to drop these little truth bombs in then walk away from the explosion.

‘They’ve got audio, so it’s a matter of fact. He now needs to be held accountable. If he doesn’t want to volunteer what he thinks he heard, because that’ll be the next cab off the rank, then he himself needs to find himself in a serious position because he has just called a referee biased.’

Jordan then went on to say that Tierney should be punished if Klopp is right, but added the Liverpool boss would be proved as a liar if shown to be wrong if audio was ever released.

He said: ‘I want these referees to have a voice. I want them to be able to have a voice and say certain things and account for themselves as to why decisions are made.

‘This is a significant allegation by Klopp about impropriety from a referee, which questions the integrity from a professional l and, if he’s right, I want the referee consequenced.

‘If he’s wrong then I want him consequenced. Someone the PGMOL are either blatant liars because they’ve reviewed the video or Jurgen Klopp is.’

The drama started on Sunday when Klopp rushed over to celebrate Diogo Jota’s stoppage-time winner in front of fourth official John Brooks – pulling his hamstring while doing so. 

The drama started after Klopp celebrated Diogo Jota’s goal in front of the fourth official

Klopp was booked by Tierney in the latest incident involving the Liverpool boss and the referee

Tierney then yellow carded the Liverpool boss, who had been angered by the decision to award Tottenham a free-kick which led to Richarlison’s equaliser just moments earlier. 

After the game, Klopp then accused Tierney of having an agenda against Liverpool after the Anfield drama was the latest incident in a long-running spat between himself and the official.

Klopp said on Sky Sports after the game: ‘What he (Tierney) said to me then when he gave me the yellow card. That’s not possible. But it’s not OK as well,’ adding Tierney said something ‘unacceptable’ to him.’

He also went on to say during his post-match interviews: ‘We’ve had our story, history with Mr Tierney. 

‘I really don’t know what this man has with us. He will always say there’s nothing but it’s not true. It cannot be, I don’t understand that. It cannot be. I’m really not sure if it’s me, how he looks at me. I don’t understand it.’

Jota’s stoppage time equaliser salvaged a Liverpool victory in a thrilling game with Tottenham

The referees’ governing body meanwhile released a statement on Sunday saying: ‘PGMOL is aware of the comments made by Jurgen Klopp after his side’s fixture with Tottenham Hotspur.

‘Match officials in the Premier League are recorded in all games via a communications system and having fully reviewed the audio of referee Paul Tierney from today’s fixture, we can confirm he acted in a professional manner throughout, including when issuing the caution to the Liverpool manager so, therefore, we strongly refute any suggestion that Tierney’s actions were improper.’

The Liverpool manager has history with Tierney which can be traced back to a prior clash against Tottenham back in December 2021.

Klopp at the time said Tierney was the only referee he had ‘problems’ with, after he was angered that Harry Kane avoided a red card for a challenge on Andrew Robertson – only for the Scot to be later sent off himself.

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