SIMON JORDAN: Mauricio Pochettino won't land silverware for Chelsea

SIMON JORDAN: Mauricio Pochettino won’t land silverware for Chelsea as he is NOT a winner – but his return to the Premier League complicates matters for Daniel Levy, who should have hired him as the next Spurs boss

  • Pochettino would have you believe he would have gone back to Spurs if offered
  • Levy has to get his next appointment at Spurs right for his own credibility
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Mauricio Pochettino’s imminent arrival at Chelsea is an interesting one. Yes, he built a great side at Tottenham but he didn’t win anything and although I’m sure he’ll make Chelsea contenders again, I don’t think he’ll land any silverware for them because I don’t think he’s a winner, he just gives you a whiff of winning.

It’s one thing winning in France with Paris Saint-Germain — if you don’t win something there then for God’s sake what are you doing — but if you want to go to Chelsea you’d better make damn sure you’re a winner and I’m not sure he is.

His return to the Premier League has also complicated matters for Daniel Levy’s search for a manager because Pochettino popping up at Chelsea looks like it’s something Tottenham should have done. Pochettino would have you believe he’d have gone back to Spurs if offered the chance so Levy now has to get this right for his own credibility. 

There is a section of the Tottenham fanbase who are rabid and there’s also a more measured section who understand what he has tried to achieve in stabilising the club and understand that they punched above their weight, given their financial might compared to others. 

But even that sympathetic part of the fanbase will find it difficult to justify Levy bouncing from Jose Mourinho to Nuno Espirito Santo to Antonio Conte to someone who does nothing again. 

Former Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino is set to become the next manager of Chelsea 

Daniel Levy (right) must get his next appointment as Spurs manager right amid discontent

If Levy gets this appointment wrong it could be very hard for him to recover any ground with the club’s fans and the whole situation has been compounded by Pochettino going to Chelsea.

This next appointment is fantastically important for Levy. He needs to find the next Jurgen Klopp, someone who can bring the club and fanbase with him and who understands they can’t compete with the wealth of City, United or Chelsea. If he gets it wrong again, not only will Tottenham not get back in the top four again anytime soon, they won’t even get back in the top six.

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