Russell Brand "attracted" to Klopp because Liverpool boss looks like his wife

Russell Brand says he is attracted to football boss Jurgen Klopp – because he looks like his wife.

The West Ham fan ­married Laura Gallacher, sister of TV’s Kirsty, in 2017 – five years after his divorce from pop star Katy Perry.

But he revealed the Liverpool boss swept him off his feet when he arrived in England six years ago.

Russell, 46, said: “He had the cap, the glasses, the blond hair and the most beautiful teeth you’re ever going to see in your life.

“I was attracted to Klopp – I think my wife looks a bit like him, I said that to her.”

But the comedian preferred it when Jurgen, 54, was wearing his specs.

He added: “He’s had laser surgery on his eyes and I don’t like him as much.

“But all we need is for Laura to grow a beard and I’ve got my own Klopp.”

This isn't the first time Brand has spoken about his love for Klopp, after calling for him to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister in 2020.

On his YouTube channel he said: "Who is not inspired by Jurgen Klopp’s philosophical attitude to Liverpool’s first title in 30 years? [Saying] that football is the most important of the least important things, it’s not worth one single person getting sick.

Wouldn’t you rather have Jurgen Klopp running the country? Whatever country you’re in, rather than the person that currently runs your country. What a guy! Jurgen Klopp! Who would have thought, you know?

"And, like, football is important. And it’s an interesting rupture in the system. Oh no football it’s just imaginary, it’s just a game with rules that at the snap of the fingers is over.

"How many other social systems are similarly held together in the conceptual mind? I would argue there are many economic ones."

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