Ronaldo scores dazzling goal against Manchester United, shows off abs and then apologizes

Cristiano Ronaldo was quiet for the first hour or so of Juventus’ match with Manchester United on Wednesday in the Champions League group stage. Then, he took over. Ronaldo scored a ridiculous goal against his former club, showed off his abs while celebrating and then apologized to the away fans for having done so. Take a look at this amazing strike: 

Here’s a closer look at the celebration:

Ronaldo then put his hands up to say sorry to the United fans — you know, since it’s an unwritten rule to not celebrate against your former club unless your name is Emmanuel Adebayor. 

Now, you can’t blame him too much for celebrating. It was his first Champions League goal for Juve and he did have to sit out the last game due to a red card, so he was certainly a bit frustrated. He’d probably decline to celebrate if he could redo it, but at least he quickly realized what he did will be seen as wrong by the United fans and tried to make up for it.

Juve-United was part of a big matchday four on Wednesday in the Champions League.

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