Richard Dunne: 'Brendan Rodgers and Leicester could put end to Unai Emery's short reign at Arsenal'

Brendan Rodgers could very well put the final nail in the coffin for Unai Emery as Arsenal manager this weekend.

I think Rodgers has been brilliant for Leicester this season. When they had that fairytale season, winning the Premier League, no one really thought they’d be back up near the top of the table again but he has done it, and he’s got them there with a great style of football.

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Rodgers has maybe had to rebuild his career and his reputation. Outside of professional football, he’s someone who was ridiculed, unfairly, as it was said that he couldn’t get Liverpool over the line.

But people should remember how close he got them, the closest Liverpool had been for a long time.

To keep going with that level of intensity Liverpool had that season was difficult, a bit like things at Manchester City right now, and it probably was the right thing for him to move on the following season.

For the Leicester players, I imagine they’d look at him and think: whatever he is asking of us, we are really enjoying this.

Their style of football is one you really enjoy as a player. Rodgers works you hard as a player but he also trusts players when they get on the ball.

It’s a nice style to watch and it must be a great team to play in, players want to play for him.

Leicester could potentially batter Arsenal tomorrow, and finish off Emery’s career there, they have so much pace, style and power that Arsenal could struggle to cope with them.

It really could be the end for Emery. It’s not just the results that are a concern there but so many other things.

When a club has a clear problem, a very public one, between the club captain and the fans, as they have had with now former captain Granit Xhaka, it’s a real worry.

Results can get you over the line in times of trouble but Arsenal are not getting results now, they look so unconvincing.

Like Manchester United at the minute, Arsenal look like they are only ever one game away from a crisis.

They might win a game here or there but there’s never a game where you really back them to win and you can’t see them going on a run.

Leicester have a style, something strong and evident, and you’d fancy them this weekend.

You just can’t have faith in Arsenal as a team and it could be a very bad weekend for the Gunners.

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