Patrick Bamford gives arguably best interview yet about European Super League

Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford has given arguably the best interview yet about the controversial European Super League.

Twelve European clubs, including six from the Premier League, have put together a proposal for a new division.

It has received plenty of criticism from fans and pundits, while players and managers are also beginning to speak out against it.

And Bamford was asked by Sky Sports for his thoughts following Leeds’ draw with one of the members Liverpool.

"From what I've seen on Twitter, I haven't seen one football fan who's happy about it," said Bamford.

"Football's for the fans. Without the fans, football clubs would be nothing. It's important we stand our ground."

"It is amazing the uproar and it is a shame it isn't like this with other things, like racism.

“It's something we talk about but it's not a big distraction – once you get on the pitch, you're not thinking about it.

"We're like fans really; we're in shock. Without fans, football is nothing, so it's important we stand our ground and show that football is for the fans and try to keep it that way."

Fans had arrived at Elland Road pre-match, chanting against the European Super League proposals.

Banners were also held, with other signs seen at Anfield and the Emirates with Arsenal also involved.

Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa added of the ESL: “Of course, it causes harm to football. This should not surprise any of us.

“The stronger teams think they have the most influence in generating revenue in football and if you take into account this logic, when the rest of the teams are no longer necessary for them, they take privilege in their own interests and they forget about the rest.”

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