Neymar reveals he modelled game and fashion sense on David Beckham

‘I copied quite a few of his haircuts’: Neymar reveals David Beckham was his childhood hero and says he modelled his game and fashion sense on the former Manchester United star …but Brazilian admits he’s ‘not as handsome’

  • Neymar says he tried to emulate David Beckham’s goals, passing and work ethic
  • The Brazilian has thanked Beckham for being a football and fashion ‘pioneer’ 
  • Neymar has labelled Beckham as  ‘one of the most stylish men in the world’ 

Neymar has revealed David Beckham was his childhood hero and says he modelled his game and fashion sense on the former England captain. 

Beckham forged a reputation as a creator and scorer of brilliant goals during a trophy-laden career while also establishing himself as a cultural icon. 

Neymar was still a teenager with dreams of football stardom when Beckham was in his pomp and the PSG star admits he idolised him in his youth. 

Neymar says he modelled his game and fashion sense on David Beckham in his youth

The Brazilian says he attempted to copy a number of Beckham’s haircuts during his career

The PSG star says he’s ‘not as handsome’ as Beckham but aspires to be as stylish as him

‘I’m a big fan,’ the Neymar told Otro.

‘I remember when I was younger I always followed all types of players, all the big players.

‘I followed David because of the way he kicked the ball, because of the amazing passes he gave, because of his goals, because of his determination on the pitch. So, I always followed him.

‘For the person he is, the football he played, I think everything came from David.’

Neymar has become famous for his flamboyance on and off the pitch and recently made headlines for sporting a new pink haircut.

Neymar says Beckham’s flamboyance gave him the confidence to try different looks

The 28-year-old believes he is wrongly criticised for his haircuts and the clothes he wears

Neymar was recently criticised for his white themed birthday party days before a PSG game

The Brazilian says Beckham’s bravery in adopting different hairstyles and fashion trends had a lasting impact on him.

 ‘I copied quite a few of his haircuts,’ Neymar added.

‘Many, we model ourselves after him. I think he is one of the most stylish people in the world, so we need to copy him. We are not as handsome as him, but we try to copy him!

‘I think we needed to have a pioneer, someone who was brave enough to do this. I think the courage David has is a symbol of this. I am also criticised for getting a different haircut, or for wearing a different outfit. I think the criticism never ends.

‘But players like us, who are seen as a reference, like it or not, we are treated differently for wearing a more modern outfit. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it if it makes us feel good.

‘So I thank David for being the pioneer, for opening the doors to the fashion world.’


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