Neville branded "hypocrite" after justifying Man Utd fans’ anti-Glazer protests

Gary Neville has been branded a hypocrite after justifying the actions made by Manchester United fans on Sunday.

The match against Liverpool was postponed after more than 200 supporters broke into the ground and stormed the pitch at Old Trafford.

Outside of the stadium, there were many more demonstrating against the ownership at the club – as well as by the hotel Lowry where players were staying.

There has been a simmering unease with the Glazers at United with fans not happy with the American billionaires.

But it came to a head after news broke that they, along with five other Premier League clubs, were looking to break away and form their own competition called the European Super League.

There were incidents of violence including police officers being attacked, seats being ripped up at Old Trafford and missiles thrown at pundits – such as Graeme Souness.

United legend Neville was particularly vocal about the situation, defending fans for showing their anger.

But former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan has hit back at the Sky Sports pundit, brandishing him a hypocrite for justifying the violent acts.

Jordan said on talkSPORT: “If you broke into the stadium and the pitch, I don’t think you are fans. If you are a genuine Manchester United fans you must be appalled, embarrassed and feel an element of disgrace for what happened yesterday.

“And I don’t care what people like Gary Neville come out with, calling on a lynch mob and start talking about how there is an entitlement for fans to do this – no way is there an entitlement to attack police officers, no way is there an entitlement to break into a football pitch, climb onto goals, break into hospitality and smash up environments purely and simply because you think you’ve got a cause.

Jordan went on to continue his personal attack on Neville in astonishing fashion, going into his ownership of Salford City and accusing him of breaching financial fair play rules.

He added: “Gary Neville is a barrack-room lawyer who sits on PFA panels, who says salary caps are something football needs to have, while behind the scenes he’s talking about the fact the PFA should never allow salary caps to try and control football finances.

“The centre of all of this is money, and the irony of this is Manchester United fans will say it’s not about money, but they’re making it about money because the Glazers are taking money out of the club.

“The hypocrisy of the argument that ‘football isn’t all about money’ while you make it all about money, because it’s all about how the Glazers are taking money.

“Neville sits there advocating independent regulation – why? Because he’s one of the intellectual capitals behind independent regulation with David Bernstein and he wants a seat at the top table.

“The hypocrisy of his ownership of Salford when he got a billionaire owner in there who is funding Salford who are, to my mind, losing money left right and centre, who probably breached financial fair play, and all of this is being utilised by Gary Neville to advise a soap box wrapped in hypocrisy."

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