Mings slams FIFA's plan for World Cup every two years

Tyrone Mings SLAMS FIFA’s plan for a World Cup every two years… with the Aston Villa and England player claiming footballers’ well-being is ‘secondary’ to money-making in the game

  • Tyrone Mings has publicly opposed FIFA’s plans for a World Cup every two years
  • The Aston Villa and England defender said player well-being was ‘secondary’
  • Mings said the football calendar is already too ‘congested’ for the proposal 

Tyrone Mings has hit out at FIFA’s plans for a World Cup every two years, claiming the well-being of the players themselves is ‘secondary’ to the money-making schemes of those in charge.

The Aston Villa and England defender has become one of the first active top-flight footballers in England to go on record opposing the plan, which were first revealed by FIFA’s head of global development, Arsene Wenger. 

‘I’m certainly not in favour it,’ Mings told JOE. ‘You might find people are a little bit more receptive of it if the schedule wasn’t so congested at the moment.’

England defender Tyrone Mings has opposed FIFA’s proposal for a World Cup every two years

Arsene Wenger is hoping to change world football’s international calendar going forward

Mings said that while other industries had been receptive to the pressures put on their workforce because of the Covid-19 pandemic, football seemed to be content to carry on flogging the players without considering its effect on them.  

‘Football just always seems to be 100 miles an hour, and without taking stock of players’ bodies,’ said the 28-year-old, who added that the schedule has been ‘relentless’. 

Mings openly called out football’s decision-makers over their desire for greater wealth from the game overtaking their concern for footballers’ well-being.

‘Now, I’m fully aware that players’ bodies certainly come secondary to the finances of football, because they’ll always find players to play the game,’ he said, referring to the notion that some top-flight players could refuse to play in a bi-annual World Cup and other, lesser players may take their place.

Mings, here in action at Euro 2020, said the ‘congested’ football calendar is already ‘relentless’

‘So, regardless of how it goes down, who is actually on the pitch… doesn’t actually make that much of a difference I don’t think to the decision-makers of the game.’   

Mings pointed to last season’s truncated Premier League season, which was immediately followed by Euro 2020, which he participated in as part of Gareth Southgate’s England squad. 

Now the new domestic season has begun, with the World Cup taking place in just over a year’s time. 

‘We’ve barely had a break with the Euros,’ he said. 

‘It feels (like) football is in full-on expansion mode in terms of the (European) Super League and the World Cup every two years.’  

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