Manchester United protestor says ‘stewards were on our side’ during Old Trafford chaos

Man Utd: Fans protest against Glazers outside Old Trafford

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A Manchester United fan has claimed ‘stewards were on our side’ in the protests at Old Trafford on Sunday. Supporters flocked to the Theatre of Dreams to air their grievances towards the Glazers in the wake of the failed European Super League plot. And, now, more protests are likely to follow.

Manchester United were due to lock horns with Liverpool at 4.30pm on Sunday.

However, the match ended up being postponed after supporters invaded at Old Trafford and protested outside.

Some United fans made their way into the stadium, while others prevented the players from leaving the nearby Lowry Hotel.

It was a dramatic day for football and now Jamie, a writer for the Unied We Stand fanzine, has told the Guardian ‘stewards were on our side’ during the incident.

“Of course we’d love to have watched a Manchester United-Liverpool game but ultimately this is much bigger than that,” he said.

“If we get a points deduction we would not care: this is our opportunity because the government allegedly is listening to us [after the failed European Super League].

“But as I don’t think that will continue in the long term, we’ve got to seize this momentum and move forward with it.

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“It was spontaneous to enter the ground. It had been spoken about between several people, though you’ll notice that nobody is taking responsibility for the protests because nobody wants to get into trouble.

“Will there be more protests? Yes. Maybe not on that scale again because this was United-Liverpool, a worldwide audience, on a bank holiday Sunday, but there will be more.

“I do get that some people say a line was crossed because it was illegal [entering Old Trafford] but there’s only so much passive resistance can do. You can tweet “#Glazersout” but what good does it do?

“I’ve seen pictures of a policeman with a cut head – nobody condones that – but given there was the thick end of 10,000 people there you’re bound to get a couple of idiots. The interesting thing was how many stewards were saying they’re on our side.”

Jamie also claims it was ‘really heartening’ to see so many young people involved.

“The number of young lads and lasses there was really heartening,” he said.


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“Whether the Glazers will actually hear us? Well, this is all we can do. The only other recourse a lot of us have talked about recently is to withdraw your money full stop, by stopping going to games.

“Personally that’s not palatable. I did that in 2005 for a few years and it made no difference.

“You say: ‘I’m going to stop doing something I love and has been part of my life for 40 years – so am I going to let them win? No.’

“The general outrage about the Super League has provided momentum: it’s now or never.

“I have seen plenty of Liverpool fans on social media who have backed what we’ve done. There had been talks in the last couple of weeks about them joining us on Sunday but it would have been too hard to facilitate. It would have made a hell of a statement.

“Some have asked, if United could have won the league on Sunday would we have done that? It’s a very good question.

“Hand on heart I think some of us yes, but I don’t think you’d have had 10,000 there.”

United legend Peter Schmeichel, meanwhile, thinks the Glazers must now find a way to work with supporters.

“I think it is very complex,” said the Dane. “I don’t think there is one thing that needs to change.

“What is it now, 16 or 17 years ago when the family took over the club? It was winning the Premier League. It was in the semifinals and finals of the Champions League, winning the Champions League.

“Back then the training ground was brand new, state of the art. The stadium was fully developed and housing 75,000 people. Everything was good, but if you fast forward, it is still status quo.

“These are all the same things. Clubs like Leicester, sitting third in the league at the moment, they have probably the best training ground in the world. It’s a requirement.

“You need better facilities to attract players and also to develop players in the way that you want … You also need to attract better players. It’s not like the Glazer family hasn’t spent money, it’s just not spent in the right way.

“So it is something inside the club. It might be a lot of things, maybe not major, massive things, but definitely things that needs to be changed, tweaked and pointed in the right direction.”

He then added: “It is easy to say that [we want the Glazers out].

“But the club will be, I don’t know, three, four, five billion dollars? Who’s got that kind of money to buy the football club?

“If you look at potential buyers, are they going to make it much better? Is it going to be different?

“There are examples, but they never bought in at that price tag. I would much rather that we work with the Glazers, because I think there is a willingness within the family. Work with the Glazers to make this football club what this football club is supposed to be.”

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