Liverpool star James Milner had cheeky request granted at Kirkby training ground

Liverpool star James Milner made a cheeky request to developers of the new Kirkby training ground, which has been granted in new images.

The Reds will move into their new £50m training facility after the international break, looking to manage their injury crisis.

With two gyms and several hydro pools, the new facility boasts the most modern technology for the Premier League champions.

But new images from Kirkby show that one are has been given a personal touch for midfielder Milner.

The first team’s changing room is behind a large black door with a mural of supporters next to it.

One sign next to it says “First Team Suite” – but there is another one above it that reads “The James Milner Door”.

This is because the 34-year-old, who has made 225 appearances for Jurgen Klopp’s side since joining from Manchester City, made a special request.

The players were consulted during the development process for Kirkby, with the midfield jokingly asking for a door to be named after him.

But the request stayed in the plans, leading to the plaque outside the wash rooms.

This was shared on Twitter on Thursday, where the Anfield faithful were left in stitches.

“This is f***ing hilarious,” one supporter said.

Another commented: “Brilliant. Millie is a legend.”

While a third suggested there was a hidden meaning to the plaque, with: “At least they know it’s last a long time.”

And a fourth added: “Milner has sucked legendary status at Anfield!”

A fifth jokingly asked for another player to name a room, with: “I hope they named the laundry room ‘The Alisson Room’ because that’s where the clean sheets come from.”

With a final supporter writing: “Apparent the door is so versatile, it will also be used as a window from time to time.”

Klopp's first job when he gets to Kirkby will be dealing with the absence of Mohamed Salah, who has tested positive for Covid-19 and will miss the upcoming game against Leicester.

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