Jose Mourinho making SHOCK Wolves move would cause major problem – journalist

He added: “If [Manchester] City is built for Pep, can we say Wolves is built for the Special One? I don’t think it is.

“I don’t think it’s ever been built for Jose Mourinho. There’s not been the expectation he would come there, there’s not been the expectation he would be available.

“It’s been built as a football project primarily around the players, primarily around getting high-quality players, thrown into the Championship and prove that you can get out of the Championship by playing football – which interestingly is something Leeds United have followed up on this season as a strategy, which people thought you couldn’t do.

“Then you can carry on playing football, playing tactically, intelligent, but technically-based football in the Premier League and ascend the Premier League very quickly.

“The stated aim of the owners is to be in the Champions League. The stated aim of the owners is to emulate what Manchester City has done.

“Maybe that’s going too far, maybe they can’t get to where Manchester City have, but they certainly want to go a lot higher than they are now.

“And as I say, the project’s been built around players and getting a coach who can work around those players.”

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