‘I went in Lambo to Sheikh’s £460m palace then played with lion – it was great’
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    An England fan who got a Lamborghini ride to a super-rich Sheikh's £460m palace on his first day in Qatar for the World Cup has described his host as 'down-to-earth' and friendly.

    Alex Sullivan was initially apprehensive after bumping into a member of the Emir of Qatar's family following a trip to a local supermarket while in search of some beers.

    The story went viral earlier this week with some questioning the authenticity of the story, but the Three Lions superfan has now shared photos of his unexpected trip.

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    Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, Alex has explained how he was invited the meet the friends of his new pal and whisked away in a stunning Lamborghini

    Alex, who saw England beat Iran 6-2 with his dad Tommy, 64, said: "We were apprehensive at first getting a lift when we met them.

    "But they were incredibly generous and hospitable and we had a great time. They had been asleep most of the day but they took us for a drive in the Lamborghini."

    Would you get in a Sheikh's Lamborghini while looking for some beers? Tell us in the comments section below.

    Alex has also shared further details of the personal zoo he saw first-hand, where he saw a lion cub as well as various birds of prey and even monkeys.

    While at the palace, which is worth about two billion Qatari Riyal, the English guest said they shared enjoyable conversions with his 'down to earth and friendly' acquaintance.

    Having initially questioned whether 23-year-old Alex, who is in Qatar with and fellow Everton fan, dad Tommy, social media users have now conceded.

    After seeing that footage, one person said: "Genuinely thought this was b******t until I saw the videos in the thread. Hats off to them."

    A second posted: "Up the lion cub taming toffees."

    A third added: "Roaring at those Everton lads that somehow got invited to a Palace and were cuddling lions, whilst on a hunt for beers in Qatar. You could not write it."

    Dad Tommy, 64, has also explained how the duo made fiends with Iran fans in a bar, each promising to pay for drinks if their respective nation had won their Group B opener.

    Of course the Merseyside duo ended up on the right side of that bet after England took all three points with a 6-2 victory in which Bukayo Saka scored twice.

    Tommy had retired and set aside £20,000 to head to Qatar for a month for the entire World Cup, with Alex documenting their trip on his Snapchat account @Alexsul1.


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