Gary Neville takes aim at King Charles in latest rant about Qatar at World Cup

Gary Neville has why questioned King Charles can 'take charitable donations' from Qatar – but footballers and ex-footballers get slammed for their World Cup involvement.

The former Manchester United and England defender has been heavily criticised for his decision to attend the World Cup as a pundit for both ITV and beIN Sports having previously called out human rights abuses.

Neville has now brought up King Charles reportedly receiving £2.6 million in donations from a Qatar politician, according to the Telegraph, while Prince William decided not to fly to the Middle East.

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Neville said on ITV: "If Prince William doesn’t want to come to this tournament but he’s okay with his father taking charitable donations, that’s fine.

"If the political MPs don’t want to come over but are happy to take money from them in our country for their political parties that’s fine with me.

"But I always see it as footballers and ex-footballers coming under criticism."

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Qatar's treatment of the LGBTQ+ community, women, and migrant workers has been criticised by human rights groups before and during the current World Cup, with Neville saying he feels no conflicting.

He said: "I don’t feel conflicted. I’ve been coming over to the Middle East for 20 years and to south-east Asia. I’ve had business and commercial relationships with these parts for a long, long time.

"The fact FIFA has awarded a World Cup has come under intense scrutiny, I accept that position, I’m there to be shot at and people have criticised me heavily."

Neville had previously taken aim at FIFA president Gianni Infantino while comparing him to current and former world leaders, with pal David Beckham also in Qatar.

Beckham is fronting the Qatar advertisement campaign for the World Cup, refusing to cut ties despite Joe Lycett's threat to shred £10,000.

Lycett later revealed that t was not real money that he threw into shredder, donating the cash to charities while again calling out the former England skipper.


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