‘Filthiest in football history’: Reds star’s insane no-look backheel nutmeg

ROBERTO Firmino was in a spot of bother in the corner during Liverpool’s 4-1 win over Cardiff at Anfield, but produced some outrageous skill to get out of it!

With Liverpool leading 1-0, the Bluebirds were trying to keep the Reds in their own half, and it looked like they had a perfect opportunity to apply some pressure with Firmino penned in the corner, with Victor Camarasa for company.

How about this from Liverpool star Roberto Firmino overnight…

That’s a no-look backheel nutmeg ? pic.twitter.com/hZMEkQtCKj

But, somehow, when already on the floor, Firmino flicked the ball through the legs of Camarasa to set Liverpool away on the counter.

Firmino actually endured a frustrating afternoon individually, having not had a shot on target before being taken off, but it is moments of brilliance like this that will keep him very much in the fans’ favour.

FILTHY FROM FIRMINO pic.twitter.com/VKXqrC48LJ

I think Firmino might have done a back heel nutmeg while on the floor which isn’t something I’ve ever said before but he actually hasn’t surprised me doing it, which is mad.

No Look Goals, No Look Assist, No look Pass and Now No Look Nutmeg

Roberto Firmino for you ! pic.twitter.com/aGmcg6HvqO

How’s it even possible to do a bak heel nutmeg yourself while sitting on your arse let me see that again FFS #firmino

Omg that nutmeg, Firmino #lfccar #filthy

That nutmeg from firmino today was just rude #lfc

As if he’s just done a backheel nutmeg while on the floor. Firmino is incredible.

firmino invented the backheel nutmeg

Firmino just did the filthiest nutmeg in football history! #YNWA

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