Fans think Sean Dyche ‘lent Lineker his voice’ as he makes croaky BBC return

Football fans have joked that Sean Dyche has 'lent his voice' to Gary Lineker after the BBC presenter sounded croaky on his return to Match of the Day.

Lineker was back on screens after his week-long hiatus as he presented Manchester City's quarter-final FA Cup clash with Burnley. However, as Lineker, and Alan Shearer, dropped a serious message before the clash, some fans noticed his voice.

One fan even joked that he sounded like Everton boss Sean Dyche, who is renowned for his croaky voice. He tweeted: "Shame Gary Lineker couldn’t fully return to MOTD after all but fair play to Sean Dyche for lending him a voice!"

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Another added: "Lineker sounds like he’s been possessed by Sean Dyche!"

"Has Sean Dyche possessed the body of Gary Lineker," a third questioned. While a fourth tweeted: "Out of order of the Beeb to suspend part of Lineker’s voice!"

And a fifth joked: "Gary Lineker’s voice has gone a little bit. You wouldn’t think he’s had a week's rest!"

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Fans had been hoping for a cheeky comment from the quick-witted former international – but he handed the reigns over to Shearer for a more serious comment.

He said: "I just need to clear up and wanted to say how upset we were that all the audiences who missed out on last weekend – it was a really difficult situation for everyone.

"Through no fault of their own, some really great people in TV and radio were put in an impossible situation, and that wasn't fair."


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