Fan view on Greenwood: 'We'd make his life hell, it's good he's gone'

‘People would make his life hell… it’s for the best he’s gone’: Fans at Old Trafford share their thoughts on Mason Greenwood after Man United confirm he will leave the club

  • Manchester United at last came to a decision over Mason Greenwood on Monday
  • The Red Devils announced that the forward would no longer play for the club 
  • Mail Sport’s JACK GAUGHAN spoke to fans over their thoughts on the decision 

Old Trafford was in its usual state of steady traffic an hour after Manchester United announced that Mason Greenwood would be leaving on Monday.

A fair few of those passing across the famous forecourt outside the East Stand, a commuter path, were unsure of what to make of United’s stand.

Some were conflicted. Others less so. One fan in his 20s, kitted in an old blue away shirt sponsored by Sharp, said: ‘It’s a joke, he should still be playing for United.’

He giggled with his girlfriend and then ran off.

There came more eloquence from Ysrael, from Beswick.

Man United announced on Monday that Mason Greenwood would no longer play for the club 

‘The legal charges are dropped but at the same time it’s difficult to erase the audio and the images,’ he said. 

‘You can say someone is young and they make mistakes but there is accountability for players and people in the position of power who are paid millions, essentially by the fans. It’s important they meet certain standards.

‘We live in a society where it’s a one-strike policy. That doesn’t change Mason Greenwood as a person or fix what led him down that path. Provide counselling and therapy. In all likelihood he’s picked up by a big club and if he doesn’t learn from the past, history repeats itself.’

Plenty of supporters did not want to engage on the topic, although Lydia conceded that she had faced a ‘difficult decision’ whether to continue attending had United not promised to jettison the 21-year-old.

Fans outside Old Trafford shared their opinions on the club’s decision, with one supporter saying: ‘People would make his life hell so maybe it is for the best that he goes somewhere else’

‘His career should be cancelled, especially when you’re in the public eye,’ she said. 

‘Having him in the first team… I don’t think he deserves to be a player on that much money with that history.’

Greenwood is likely to head abroad on leaving United and one local resident, Dianne, believes fan sentiment towards him will not change.

‘There might have been trouble at the games,’ she said. ‘People would make his life hell so maybe it is for the best that he goes somewhere else. But who’s to say that same thing isn’t going to happen there?’

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