Eric Dier will not watch Amazon's Tottenham documentary 'for 20 YEARS'

Eric Dier will not watch Amazon’s fly-on-the-wall Tottenham documentary for 20 YEARS as final episodes – including his furious rampage into the stands to confront a fan after Norwich defeat – come out today

  • The final episodes of Amazon’s Tottenham documentary came out on Monday
  • Eric Dier admits he will not watch the fly-on-the-wall series for around 20 years 
  • The England international features heavily in the show along with Jose Mourinho
  • The series shows the moment when Dier confronted a Spurs fan in the crowd
  • Dier also claimed Mourinho was the reason why he signed a new contract in July

Eric Dier claims he will only start watching Amazon Prime’s ‘All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur’ documentary in around 20 years’ time. 

The fly-on-the-wall series showing behind-the-scenes action of Spurs’ tumultuous 2019-20 season has been out for two weeks, with the final three episodes of the series released on Monday. 

The England international features heavily in the Amazon documentary, but Dier admits he will not be watching it as he hates watching himself back on TV.

Eric Dier admits he will not be watching Tottenham’s ‘All or Nothing’ documentary for 20 years

Dier features heavily in the Amazon Prime series (above) alongside Spurs boss Jose Mourinho

He told GQ: ‘I haven’t watched any of it. I actually spoke to Steve Kerr a couple of days ago about it, because obviously he was in The Last Dance.

‘I said to him: “You know, looking back on an incredible season and winning and everything you did, that must be a lot more enjoyable than what it would be like for me!”

‘I don’t really enjoy watching myself back anyway. So I don’t think I will watch it. 

‘But maybe, you know, in 20 years’ time or something, it could be nice to look back on, even though it wasn’t the season we wanted.’ 

Also in the documentary is the moment Dier (right) jumped into the stands to confront a fan

The fly-on-the-wall series shows behind-the-scenes footage from Spurs’ 2019-20 season

The series shows the shocking moment Dier jumps into the Spurs stands to confront a fan who targeted his younger brother following a FA Cup defeat to Norwich City in March. 

Also at the centre of the documentary lies iconic Spurs boss Jose Mourinho, whose arrival at the club in November 2019 sets the tone for the Amazon series from episode one. 

The Portuguese coach regularly praises Dier throughout the series, commending his importance to the side and his attitude in training throughout. 

Mourinho has placed Dier at the heart of his defence since his arrival in north London, which is slightly different to the defensive midfield role that former boss Mauricio Pochettino used him in.

Dier claims the arrival of Mourinho was a big reason for him signing a new four-year deal in July

While the England man admitted that a switch to centre-half was brought up by Pochettino during the Argentine’s tenure, the faith Mourinho has placed in Dier regarding a centre-back role is a big reason why the 26-year-old signed a new fou-year deal in July. 

Dier added: ‘For me that was the biggest part of wanting to stay at Tottenham and sign the new deal – it was purely footballing. 

‘I was really happy that Mourinho would give me the opportunity to play centre-back again and to prove myself there. I’m really excited.’ 

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