Eric Cantona still using old Nokia phone most people disposed of decades ago

Eric Cantona is cool, there's no two ways about, but his taste in phones could do with a little modernising.

The Manchester United legend has changed an awful lot since he hung up his boots in 1997. He's traded the Red Devils for the red carpet, turned-up collars for flat caps, and a Nokia brick phone for … a similar sort of Nokia brick phone, actually!

In a recent interview with The Athletic, it emerged that the iconic Frenchman still carries the same sort of ancient handset most of us ditched decades ago. Classic Eric, that.

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During the chat, the 56-year-old took a swing at former United team-mate David Beckham for becoming a paid ambassador for Qatar, a nation oft criticised for various human rights violations, ahead of the World Cup.

"An ex-player paid to do this kind of thing… it could be they don’t know what has happened there. Or, if they know it, I think they did wrong. I think they made a big mistake. A big, big mistake."

Cantona also claimed he would stop supporting Manchester United and quit football forever if the club "sold its soul" by moving to a new stadium with a sponsored name, like Arsenal or Bayern Munich.

How long could you last if you traded your smartphone in for an old Nokia? Let us know in the comments section below.

"The trips are about going inside the passion of football, understanding the story of a club, how football is used, then how you live your life. We were speaking about my favourite football stadiums earlier but now all the stadiums are called Emirates or Allianz.

"These stadiums lost the soul and history of the club, like Arsenal and West Ham. I played at those old stadiums, like Highbury and Upton Park. I spoke with some Arsenal fans and they hate these (new) stadiums. These fans lost the soul of their clubs.

“Fortunately, Old Trafford is still Old Trafford. Anfield is still Anfield. But can you imagine Old Trafford becomes a new stadium called by a brand? If one day they do that, I am sorry but I am not a fan of United anymore. And I quit football forever!

"But please, don’t call this stadium Nestle, or Amazon, please. Old Trafford is Old Trafford."

Cantona made over 180 appearances for United across a five-year period at Old Trafford, scoring 82 goals and helping guide the club to four Premier League titles and two FA Cup triumphs.


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