DANNY MURPHY: Kane will be ecstatic about Gareth Bale arrival

DANNY MURPHY: Harry Kane will be ecstatic that Gareth Bale is coming to share the goalscoring burden… while Thiago Alcantara makes an outstanding Liverpool side even better

  • Gareth Bale’s arrival means the burden of responsibility at Spurs can be shared 
  • Harry Kane has shouldered the attacking burden but will now be ecstatic 
  • The England star will know that his chances of winning trophies has improved
  • Spurs players will feel reassured with Bale a key dressing room presence 

Harry Kane has shouldered the responsibility for so long, I think he’ll be ecstatic Gareth Bale is coming in to share the burden.

In terms of achievement, they aren’t equals. Bale has four Champions League titles.

But I don’t think it’ll bother Kane. Every player has an ego but he will also be selfishly thinking with Bale around, Spurs have a better chance of delivering a trophy and competing for a top-four place.

Harry Kane will be ecstatic that Tottenham have signed former star Gareth Bale on loan

The 31-year-old has joined from Real Madrid for the season and his arrival has been welcomed

Most players like to look around the dressing room and feel reassured they’ve got top people around them.

I had that with Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen at Liverpool, and Kane will benefit from seeing Bale alongside him. Instead of feeling that unless he scores, Spurs may not win, I expect Kane’s level to rise having a world-class player next to him.

People talk about Bale at Real, but I think his success with Wales is an equally good indicator. He’ll be able to knuckle down and play whichever way Jose Mourinho wants.

Kane has had to shoulder the attacking burden for Spurs since breaking into the team in 2014

Real usually dominate the ball and Bale doesn’t have to think too much about defensive duties. But on the international stage, he was ready to lead and disciplined enough to fit into a team pattern when the opposition might be better.

He’s only 31 and been lightly used for 18 months so I don’t think he should be found physically wanting whether Mourinho wants his forwards to press, play counter-attack or play between the lines.

I think Bale’s most effective position will be wide on the right of a 4-3-3 but if Mourinho wants to go 4-2-3-1, he could do a job as No 10.

Kane and the rest will find a Galactico happy to be one of the team. It’s a terrific signing.

With Bale in the side, Kane will be confident Spurs can win major silverware this season

Thiago – the right signing at the right price for Liverpool 

There is no doubt in my mind Thiago Alcantara is coming to Liverpool as a first XI player — I doubt very much he’s had any conversations with Jurgen Klopp about sitting on the bench this season.

He has great feet, passes well, has super awareness and can play in any of the midfield positions. I don’t see any risk at under £30million because he only had a year left on his Bayern contract.

I do think Gini Wijnaldum’s departure has an air of inevitability about it now because Liverpool will have seven or eight players challenging for three positions, which means too many unhappy faces for the balance of the squad.

There aren’t many ways Klopp could have made Liverpool better but Thiago certainly will

There aren’t many ways Klopp could made this Liverpool even better but I think Thiago will. He’s fit enough to do the work required of Liverpool’s midfield and has that ability to play progressive passes.

He can do a job where Fabinho played last season or if Fabinho is in the team, he can operate higher up the pitch.

Liverpool’s recruitment has been outstanding, finding hungry players itching to reach the top. But now they’re at the summit, I can see the sense in bringing in ready-made, particularly when they are bargains. 

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