Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al Nassr keeper’s blushes saved by fan after mid-game gaffe

The goalkeeper of Cristiano Ronaldo's Al Nassr has a fan to thank after almost conceding a howler in their recent league clash.

The club took on Al Taawoun this past Friday (August 18) in their second game of the season in the Saudi Pro League but they almost found themselves on the backfoot no thanks to Waleed Abdullah.

The Al Nassr keeper had his back to goal as play began and was completely unaware of a backpass towards him from one of his defenders.

With the ball barrelling towards his goal, it took a heroic fan to repeatedly shout Abdullah's first name in order to alert him to what was unfolding behind him.

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While the ball looked set to go wide of his post, it was being hunted down by an attacker before the goalkeeper realised what was happening as he quickly passed it to a defender and was out of danger.

Abdullah may have kept in his clean sheet in tact during the first minute of the game but just 19 minutes later, he was picking up the ball from his net due the opener from Leandre Tawamba.

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The away side doubled their lead in the final seconds of the game through Ahmed Bahusayn as Al Taawoun claimed a shock win to condemn Al Nassr to two defeats in as many games.

Despite the return of Cristiano Ronaldo back from injury as well as the inclusion of summer signings Sadio Mane and Marcelo Brozovic, it's been a rough start for the Saudi club.

The Portuguese superstar was credited by Neymar – who joined Al-Hilal this past week – for kickstarting the move of many European stars to the Saudi Pro League.

“I believe competitiveness is important, that’s why I am joining this league. It is a very different switch but a new challenge," the Brazilian said.

"I believe Cristiano Ronaldo started all of this and everybody called him 'crazy', and this and that, today you see the league more and more.

“It is exciting meeting top-quality players on the other teams. It thrills you, motivates you to play even better. It is a given when you face Ronaldo, Benzema, Firmino, the excitement is even greater. I am very happy to join this league, facing them will be wonderful.”

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