Barcelona's money issues mean they have not registered Marcos Alonso

Barcelona’s player registration nightmare drags on as they are still unable to register Marcos Alonso  – despite wanting to keep the ex-Chelsea star

  • Barcelona’s player registration and financial troubles are ongoing this season
  • They still haven’t registered Marcos Alonso and two other first-team players
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Barcelona’s life of discontent when it comes to player registration is set to drag on, as they are reportedly still unable to register Marcos Alonso among several other stars. 

The LaLiga champions are plagued with financial issues which are holding them back from registering Alonso, Inigo Martinez, and goalkeeper Inaki Pena. 

Alonso is adamant that he does not want to leave and will not even listen to offers, according to reports, with his Catalan employers keen to keep him on. 

The ex-Chelsea wing-back has had to sit out the first two games of the season and Sport claim that Barca’s problems with LaLiga’s Financial Fair Play rules are restricting them from registering the 32-year-old. 

Their report comes amid claims by Spanish journalist Gerard Romero that Alonso is considering a proposal from an unnamed Premier League outfit.

Barcelona have not been able to register Marcos Alonso for LaLiga action – but are reportedly not considering letting him go with talk of a Premier League suitor swirling 

The Spanish giants are burdened by financial problems and a mammoth stadium renovation only serves to diminish the coffers

Barcelona have had difficulties registering players for a couple of years now and have been selling off assets – or ‘financial levers’ – in order to be able to do so. 

Last season, they just about managed to register four of five new signings 24 hours before the campaign began. 

LaLiga’s strict spending rules assign each club a spending cap that applies to first-team transfers and wages, whether that be on players or wider staff. 

The spending limit for each club is calculated based off financial data that every team submits some time in advance of the summer transfer window. The data considered includes previous profit and loss, expected income for the coming season, and savings among other factors. 

Xavi’s side appeared to receive a major boost to earlier this summer when they sold off 29.5% of Barca Studios to LIBERO Football Finance for around £103million.

Inigo Martinez is another big star who Barca have been unable to include in LaLiga action so far this season 

In August of last year, the club sold two 24.5% stakes of their media company to and Orpheus Media, though both reportedly missed a June nvestment deadline of £26m. 

Players sales from this summer will help to alleviate the struggle but crippling financial issues mean one of football’s most decorated clubs has debts to the tune of £1.1billion. 

Renovating the Nou Camp and handling a corruption lawsuit only further the monetary woes. 

Coming into the summer, their wage bill stood at around £582m, with LaLiga’s cap placed at roughly £400m – a dire illustration of their need to slash wages. 

All of this means that so far, Alonso among others has not been registered – despite Barca’s desperation to do so.  

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