Alex Greenwood suffers a gruesome cut to her eye in World Cup final

England star Alex Greenwood suffers a gruesome cut above her right eye during fierce World Cup final that saw Spain’s Salma Paralluelo knee her in the face

  • Alex Greenwood was left with a painful cut on her eye in the World Cup final
  • The England star drew blood after being kneed in the face by Salma Paralluelo
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Alex Greenwood suffered a deep cut to her eye in England’s Women’s World Cup final defeat against Spain on Sunday.

The Lionesses defender went down in the 77th minute after clashing with Spain winger Salma Paralluelo as the duo competed for possession.

Greenwood came off worse in the aerial duel and received lengthy treatment on the pitch in Sydney as England’s physio team attended to her.

The 29-year-old appeared to be kneed in the face by her Spanish counterpart and drew blood as she stayed down while play was halted in the final.

Paralluelo was shown a yellow card as a result of her foul play on the England star. 

England star Alex Greenwood (middle with headband) received treatment for an eye injury in Sunday’s Women’s World Cup final

Greenwood suffered what looks like a deep cut to her eye after being struck in the face during a foul

Images show Greenwood was left with a deep 1-2cm cut beneath her right eyebrow after being patched up by England’s medical team.

There was also significant swelling around the eye and showed the injury had caused the skin to press down on top of her eye.

Greenwood was able to see out the remainder of the match after being allowed to stay on the pitch once the blood had been cleared up.

Her treatment contributed to their being a massive 13 minutes of stoppage time added on at the end of the World Cup encounter.

Greenwood was left bloodied by the injury but continued to play on for the remainder of the game

Spain’s Salma Paralluelo (right) kneed Greenwood (middle) in the face while challenging for the ball

Despite Greenwood’s resolve, England were unable to find a way back against their European opposition who went on to lift the title.

The England No.5 wore a headband for the remainder of the match before taking it off at full-time to reveal the extent of her injury.

Describing the head injury at the time, BBC commentator Rachel Brown-Finnis said on commentary: ‘You can see the blood on Alex Greenwood’s head. It’s a high knee to the face from Salma Paralluelo. 

‘If it’s a patch-up job, Greenwood will stay on. If there is any whiff of concussion, then a key part of the defence will be gone. This is not a good sight.’ 

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