NRL plans bunker shake-up on finals eve after Roosters howler

The NRL will rush through a bunker shake-up on the eve of the finals after Graham Annesley claimed the Roosters were denied a "try today, tomorrow, Saturday and every day of the week" against Newcastle.

NRL head of football Annesley will take a proposal to the Australian Rugby League Commission this week to change the process for bunker officials to make calls after a dispute between colleagues over Lindsay Collins' effort led to howler.

Roosters coach Trent Robinson voiced his opposition to the decision, which came after Nat Butcher was ruled to have impeded the Newcastle defence as he stood almost motionless after playing the ball.

While Annesley was tight-lipped about the specifics of his idea to change the way bunker officials come up with decisions, he couldn't hide his frustration at another mistake from the video review system.

On the Collins decision, Annesley said: "If you talk about using the common term of 'pub test' in this, there's no way this stands up to scrutiny as an obstruction. In that situation, what can you expect Butcher to do?

"It should have been a try today, tomorrow, Saturday and every day of the week. It was pretty straightforward. It was an error by the bunker and an error caused by differing views in the bunker about whether it was obstruction or not.

It should have been a try today, tomorrow, Saturday and every day of the week. It was pretty straightforward

"I'm not happy with the error rate as well. That's why I think we need to have a look at the process and improve it."

Jared Maxwell was the senior review official for the Roosters-Knights clash and was assisted by former premiership winner Beau Scott.

The NRL has already tweaked its biosecurity protocols to allow referees Ashley Klein and Henry Perenara to be used in the bunker, which has made a number of contentious calls this year.

Most notable were Canberra's Bailey Simonsson being sin-binned against Melbourne and a try to Jack Williams in the Sharks' narrow win over the Dragons, in which St George Illawarra No.1 Matt Dufty clearly grounded the ball first.

Annesley could have the new process in place for the Rabbitohs-Bulldogs match on Thursday night.

"Ultimately these things are a matter for the commission to sign off on, but what I hope to get to is a position of course where the general public and the good members of the media know no difference whatsoever," Annesley said.

"To the general public, all they want to see when a decision gets referred to the bunker is the right decision. Most people in the general public would have no clue about what happens in the bunker when a decision gets referred. What happens in there is invisible until it comes back.

"My objective is to take every opportunity we have available to us to get decisions right."

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