Michael Schumacher ‘got drunk and ripped shirts off at post-F1 race parties’

Michael Schumacher used to take his post-F1 race parties to the next level – and Johnny Herbert has claimed he used to 'get drunk and rip their shirts apart'.

Schumacher was no stranger to winning races, but that didn't halt any over-the-top celebrations. And speaking to Lucky Block, Herbert said: "Yes, the social side was better in my day. The big one we had was in Adelaide after the last race.

"Everyone went to the same bar or club. Michael would get quite drunk early on. His party trick was to go up to someone and rip their shirt apart with buttons popping everywhere. You knew it was coming!

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"It was an easier thing to do back then. Adelaide was the main blow out. What has changed is the advent of social media. It has changed everything. You can’t go anywhere without being papped.

"They still have fun now but it has to be more controlled behind closed doors."

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The German was somewhat known for his parties, and some of the most lavish celebrations were recalled by his brother Ralf Schumacher. "We had many legendary parties back then at Karlheinz Zimmermann's catering,” he told Formel1.de when reminiscing on one particularly heavy drinking session.

"The successes that Michael achieved. But even then, we celebrated, and it was usually in Suzuka, where it was quite extreme. I remember torn pants and such, but that's part of it.

“We just drove towards the hotel with a forklift in the evening. I was on it too. It was quite fun. Memories, very fond memories that I wouldn't want to miss!"

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