‘Maybe I did it wrong’ – F1 rival reveals private Lewis Hamilton 45-minute phone call

Grand Prix Drivers’ Association director Romain Grosjean admits to having had a near hour-long phone call with Lewis Hamilton recently to discuss Formula One’s plans to fight against racism. Sports stars all over the world have been adopting their own stance in showing their support for the fight against racism.

Formula One drivers have followed suit, with a number of drivers – led by Hamilton – at the opening race in Austria taking a knee.

There hasn’t been a united front from the drivers though in terms of going down on one knee to show their support.

And there was more confusion at the Hungarian Grand Prix, with the protest prior to the race seeming rushed and poorly organised.

Hamilton called out the GPDA for a lack of communication and organisation while also targeting Grosjean.

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Grosjean has since spoken with Hamilton on the matter and the Haas driver explained his position, where he admitted to being wrong on a few things and apologised.

And the 34-year-old hopes that drivers will soon be able to show a united front in a joint protest.

“Yes, I have spoken to Lewis, we actually had a 45-minute phone call on Tuesday after the race,” he said.

“I explained to Lewis that maybe I did it wrong, maybe I did it right. I felt right at the time, we [himself and Sebastian Vettel] are two directors in the GPDA, and we had seven or eight drivers that were not happy to carry on the ceremony as it was done in race one in Austria.


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“I said to Lewis, ‘look maybe I did it wrong but I felt that as one of the directors – because Sebastian was pushing in the direction of carry on, which is the right approach – I was speaking for the drivers that were not happy to carry on, to express their voice as the director of the GPDA’.

“Now thinking about it, it was probably the wrong thing to do.

“Lewis had some good arguments, I had some also, but I think it was the wrong thing to do.”

He added: “It was a good chat with Lewis. I said sorry, maybe I did it the wrong way, but I felt I had to do it at the time, because the GPDA, we work on the majority vote system, and I felt that if I wasn’t as one of the directors listening to guys that were not happy to carry on, I wasn’t doing my duties.

“But also he mentioned that, as one of the directors they are listening to you, and that was his point. I think it was right in that aspect.

“I also said I wasn’t very happy that in the media it came out, on my social media I had a lot of things about racism, [saying] I am a racist, which is absolutely wrong.

“I don’t think you will find anyone anywhere in the world saying I’m a racist or I did something wrong in that aspect.

“I wasn’t very happy about being treated that way. I was one of the first ones to support and to push that we take the knee.

“I’m still hopeful that one day we get 20 drivers to take the knee on the grid, and that it will happen at one point.

“We need to keep the education, keep pushing the guys, and telling them that this is a sportsman’s gesture, and a way to support a cause on something that shouldn’t exist.”

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