Martin Brundle asks Jeremy Clarkson why he isn’t ‘milking chickens’

Martin Brundle appeared to get his farm animals mixed up when bumping into Jeremy Clarkson during his grid walk ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix, leaving many F1 fans in stitches. Brundle’s grid walk has become a favourite among Sky Sports viewers for his many interviews and interactions with celebrities along with his insightful information on the cars.

He had grabbed a few words with Alex Albon and Toto Wolff before moving further up the grid where the Sky Sports presenter spotted Clarkson, before making a joke about the former Top Gear presenter’s latest venture. “Clarkson, shouldn’t you be like planting turnips and milking your chickens at the farm?” he joked.

Clarkson brushed off the remark, before going on to admit the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix marked his return to an F1 race for several years having previously despised the sport. “First Formula One race I’ve been to for years,” he said.

“It’s just so fantastic to be back.I adore Formula One. It was infuriating for years and years and now it’s back because they can follow one another and the aerodynamics are so much better.

“My daughter is now a really big fan so I can talk to her about it. I can’t believe how big they got. They’re huge and I’m just fizzing with excitement.”

But it was Brundle’s remark about “milking your chickens” that caught the attention of many fans watching.

“@JamesKelly2398 tweeted: “Martin has struck down Jeremy Clarkson on the grid walk.”

@HattieGinge wrote: “Quote of the race day so far ‘Shouldn’t you be milking your chickens’ – Martin Brundle.”

Clarkson’s presence back on an F1 grid also caused a stir with many happy to see the 62-year-old make a surprise appearance.

@Karriss said: “Good to see Jeremy Clarkson on the grid.”

@aaqibraza posted: “@JeremyClarkson just saw you on the grid in #Bahrain so glad you’re back liking #F1 after it being not so competitive for many years. Regulation changes have been the best thing.”

@ashleymccaule12 tweeted: “@JeremyClarkson should be the one of the guests presenters for the f1 sky sports.”

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