Lando Norris admits he is not paid enough

‘I am firmly staying in the UK’: Lando Norris admits he is not paid enough – £400,000 a year – by McLaren to want to move to Monaco

  • Lewis Hamilton lives in Monaco and is looking to seal a lucrative new contract 
  • A new deal with Mercedes could be worth around £60million-per-year 
  • Lando Norris is on £400,000-per-year and cannot afford to move to Monaco
  • ‘Perhaps if I earn more one day, I could think about Monaco,’ he said 

Formula One star Lando Norris isn’t going to follow Lewis Hamilton to Monaco – because he can’t afford it.

While Hamilton is looking to capitalise on his status as a six-time world champion with a new Mercedes deal worth up to £60million a year, his compatriot is rubbing along on a mere £400,000.

That means Norris, 20, would rather stay in Surrey than move to the playground of the grid’s high-rollers.

Lando Norris has no interest in moving to Monaco yet and is content with life in Surrey

Speaking at McLaren’s launch in Woking on Wednesday ahead of the season’s first race in Melbourne on March 15, he said: ‘I don’t earn enough to move to Monaco anytime soon. 

‘I have just got a new home down the road from the factory – 3 minutes 20 seconds in my car, driving within the speed limits.

‘Before that I was in Guildford, but this is even easier. And I enjoy being near the factory and close to my friends rather than be stuck in Monaco.

‘I can go to London and have a nicer life that way. Compared to a lot of the other drivers, I am not earning the amounts that would make it more beneficial to live in Monaco than the enjoyment loss of going into London with my friends.

The McLaren driver is on £400,000-per-year and prefers to live close to his friends

‘Hopefully that is something I can look forward to in the future. ‘I like everything how it is now. I like going out with my group of friends, and I still have a lot of fun. If I move to Monaco I am not going to enjoy things at all.’

‘Perhaps if I earn more one day, I could think about Monaco. But for now the financial gain is outweighed by what I would lose out on.’ 

‘I get noticed a little bit more but I am not Lewis Hamilton,’ added Norris.

‘I don’t get stopped everywhere I go. I am at the point where it is cool. I am not at the point yet where I need to go undercover.

‘Now and then, you do get the odd face staring at you at dinner. You are trying to eat and then you have some guy watching you which is a bit weird, but I don’t mind.’

Lewis Hamilton lives in Monaco, playground of the Formula One grid’s high-rollers

Norris, who finished 11th in his debut season last year, promises to show a harder edge from now on, especially in his social media posts. 

‘Some trolls saw I was making a joke or having fun and then blamed things that went wrong on the way they perceived my approach to be,’ he said. ‘It was not how I was. I was focused.

‘Most of the criticism was amusing but some things could play on my mind.’

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