‘I raced against Michael Schumacher in F1, now I’m a DJ with Glastonbury dreams’
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    Jaime Alguersuari used to dream about winning the F1 world championship, now he dreams of playing at Glastonbury.

    Aguersuari raced in F1 from 2009 to 2011, becoming the youngest driver in the history of the sport when he made his debut as a 17-year-old for Toro Rosso in Hungary 14 years ago. At one stage tipped for a main drive with Red Bull, the 32-year-old Spanish enjoyed memorable tussles with Michael Schumacher as he got a car that wasn't the fastest into the points on a regular basis.

    However, following an acrimonious split from Toro Rosso and Red Bull in 2011, Aguersuari fell out of love with the sport. Following a brief stint in Formula E, the one-time British Formula 3 champion decided enough was enough.

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    Aguersuari swapped the wind tunnel for the recording studio – and he hasn't looked back since. "It was a very simple call," an immaculately groomed Aguersuari exclusively tells Daily Star Sport over Zoom.

    "At a certain point I wasn’t having fun anymore. I wasn’t really into racing anymore. I was in Formula E and the season didn’t go well. It was the first season of the championship, my car had many problems and I wasn’t really enjoying driving at all.

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    "I thought if I have to choose between music and racing, I’d rather go into my music now rather than continuing to do something without love and passion and wait until I’m 45 when it’ll be too late for music.

    "At some point six or seven years ago I thought I’m really going to give it a go because I love this and enjoy making music, the whole process is amazing. It’s like going into a third dimension, it’s very difficult to describe because art is very different to racing.

    "Creating something out of nothing and making it work, signing it to a record label and seeing other people that you don’t know enjoy it and seeing the project working is cool and amazing. I am enjoying the whole process, it’s really nice to see a different chapter in your life."

    Aguersuari has been into music his whole life. The multi-talented Spaniard first got a taste for it as a youngster when his parents used to holiday in Ibiza.

    At that age, Aguersuari was too young to visit the party isle's clubs and discos. But he and his friends would compare records, deciding among themselves whose was the coolest or the best to dance to. One thing led to another and before long the former F1 ace had his own drum machine and was making tracks before sending them off to record labels.

    The Spaniard's love of racing had to take a back seat during his F1 career as he focused on competing against the likes of Nico Rosberg, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. But things soon picked up following his split with the Red Bull junior team.

    "When I stopped F1 things started coming much easier. I spent more time in the studio, listened to different tutorials and studied music methods. It was not easy to make music while I was racing, I had to dedicate my time to my first capabilities and my main job," he says.

    Unlike racing, Aguersuari doesn't see music as a competition. As a producer and DJ, he wants to communicate with people and send a message.

    The Spaniard has already done some incredible things in his journey so far, from writing his first album during the Covid lockdown to performing with legendary British DJ Carl Cox in Ibiza. He recently set up his own record label, too. Despite refusing to set targets for himself, there are certain things Aguersuari would love to experience.

    "One of the biggest highlights for me was playing with Cal Cox last year," he continues. "He has always been a reference for me and he has been very attached to Ibiza and to a club called Space Ibiza. He used to have the amazing parties that I could never go to because I was underage. I listened to him on the radio so I was always influenced by him and his friends when he came to play in Ibiza.

    "For me, playing with Carl last year was definitely a highlight. It was a big achievement for me. He is also a big lover of motorsport and involved in different activities so it’s super nice to be close to him."

    "I would love to play at Glastonbury, it’s one of those festivals that every artist looks. I want to go to many places in the world like Australia and Japan and experience new cultures and meet new people.

    "I’ve been into the Hollywood world of racing, which is great, I hoped one day to be world champion but it didn’t happen and now I see that there is something else in life. I believe that nothing is forever and now I’m facing this amazing creative time with a different culture and people from where I’m from in the sports world.

    "I’m enjoying this whole period of my life which is very interesting and where I am. The trip so far has been great."

    Aguersuari has no regrets when it comes to F1. Things might have ended on a disappointing note for him at Red Bull but he sees this new chapter in his life as something to be treasured.

    However, while some people may think that having raced at the pinnacle of motorsport gives Aguersuari a leg up in the music world, he sees things differently. The entrepreneur has attempted to disassociate himself from his racing past so that people judge him solely for his music. He now goes by the name "Squire", riffing on the second part of his surname.

    "It was super important to me to change my identity," Aguersuari explains. "When I stopped racing it was crystal clear that I had to use an alias to release music. Even though commercially it was not the perfect choice to do, it was very important for me to get respected by music lovers.

    "It’s not just DJs, it’s the industry. Marketing is something very important but I really believe in the music and I think that’s how you should be judged. It was clear that I had to use a name attached to me but didn’t easily identify me. That’s why I used the word 'Squire.'

    "It was like my second surname, the second part of it means 'Squire' in English. I thought 'that makes sense – it’s like a translation into English that allows me to keep my name."

    Now with his own record label, Aguersuari has been in the studio creating new music since September. He has some exciting plans in the pipeline but most importantly of all he truly enjoys what he is doing – and it shows.

    "I used to go down the street and people used to stop me for pictures and autographs," he adds. "It doesn’t happen anymore. It’s cool, though, you can see how the world changes. One day you’re popular and one day you’re not anymore. But that’s amazing because you’re the same person and doing the same thing.

    "If I went back to F1 I know I’d be just as competitive as I was back then, maybe even more. But this is the treasure of life because I’m into something else. Being successful was not my first goal in racing.

    "I put my helmet on because I was happy doing that, and I really enjoyed doing it. I want to be happy doing what I’m doing and enjoying the whole process. I’m so happy."


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