F1 finally allow Lewis Hamilton to wear nose stud after ‘school note’ excuse

Formula One has finally allowed Lewis Hamilton to wear his nose stud while racing – with his exemption ‘note’ leaving fans astonished.

Hamilton, 38, is expected to race in Bahrain with two nose studs despite the FIA repeatedly warning drivers that jewellery is not permitted. The seven-time world champion was embroiled in a standoff with the sport’s governing body for much of last season as he refused to adhere to a new rule forbidding drivers from wearing items of jewellery while driving.

He eventually backed down at Silverstone in July, removing his left nose stud. Yet ahead of the 2023 season opener in Bahrain this weekend, the Mercedes ace arrived with not one but two nose studs, having had his right nostril pierced over the winter break.

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And having been fined £22,000 for breaking the rules last year in Singapore, Hamilton made sure to cover his tracks by providing a doctor’s note explaining his decision to continue wearing jewellery.

The FIA statement’s read: “The stewards heard from a team representative and received a medical report from the team doctor of Mercedes, which requested an exemption.

“The Stewards consulted the FIA medical delegate, who viewed the medical report, examined the driver and concurred with the opinion therein.

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“We have determined to take no further action as there are concerns about disfigurement with frequent attempts at removal of the device.”

Hamilton's letter of exemption was picked up on by fans on Twitter, who compared it to doctor’s notes used by school children.

“This is what parents use at school, word for word*, when we ask that their kids don't wear earrings and ear studs,” one user tweeted.

Another pointed out: “Kids used to use that at school when told to take out their nose studs,” while a third added: “@F1 @FIA Give your heads a wobble.”


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